AMAZING Animal HEROES & Rescues Around The World

AMAZING Animal HEROES & Rescues Around The World
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10 AMAZING Animal HEROES & Rescues Around The World. From tiny chihuahuas & giant zoo gorillas, to wild dolphins & lions. Here are some stories about the MOST heroic animals saving lives around the world.

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#10 Heroes in small packages, little toy breed, chihuahua. Heroes in small packages!!
When thinking of heroic pets, larger breeds of dogs come to mind, like the German Shepard, Rottweilers or Pitbull dogs used in the k-9 units of many police stations. And even saint Bernard used in the alps to carry medicine. But how about little toy breeds saving the day? In this case, a one year old boy was having a wonderful day sunning and playing in the water with a little Chihuahua keeping an eye on him. When all over the sudden a rattled snake was going to strike the little boy. Before the snake hit its mark, the little dog jumped and interfered with the bite intended for the toddler. Thank goodness nothing happened to either one of them!! The Little Chihuahua became a town hero!!

#9 King of Savings, lions in Ethiopia saving a girl

#8 Saved by the Calf. A Watusi calf saves a woman from a rattlesnake

#7 Stuck on you kind of a day
Have you ever been home alone and had an incident whereby thank goodness nothing happened? Like you climbed up a latter and almost felt? How about just plain eating and something getting lodged on your windpipe? I hope not. In this case, a woman named Debbie was having a relaxing evening and while eating an apple, she started choking on it. She was beating her chest trying to unblock her windpipe while her dog Toby was watching her in curiosity. As Debbie started hitting her chest harder, Toby took notice and heroically jumped on Debbie’s chest hard enough to dislodge the dangerous chunk of fruit. !! Thanks to this heroic Labrador, Debbie and Toby can have long relaxing walks knowing they have each other’s back!

#6 Swimming in danger. Dolphins saving a surfer from a shark

#5 No Monkeying Around. This is the story of Harambe from the Cincinnati zoo saving a child as well as Binti Jua in the Brookfield Zoo Illinois, The Jersey Zoo, another Lowland Gorilla Named Jambo saved another child.

#4 No Kitting Around. A cat saves a wheelchair bounded man from thieves trying to steal his laptop.

#3 “All My Children”. In la Plata, Argentina, a child is left in the street and a stray dog rescues the child and takes him to her nest with her new born babies.

#2 Not so Grizzly End. This is the story of a hiker in the Whiskey Flats in Oregon was about to be attached by a Mountain Lion when a family of Grizzly bears saved him.

#1 Piggyback Allowed!! This is the story of a lady in Penske, Pennsylvania who was saved by a Vietnamese Potbelly pig who would run to the street to stop cars

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