Emirates Business Class FOOD REVIEW – Giant SHRIMP MACHBOOS!! | Los Angeles to Dubai!

Emirates Business Class FOOD REVIEW - Giant SHRIMP MACHBOOS!! | Los Angeles to Dubai!
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DUBAI, UAE – Welcome to Dubai! Well actually today we’re flying from Los Angeles directly to Dubai on Emirates Business Class. And I’m going to show you all the food and even the amazing cocktail bar on the airplane – that was a first for me!

So we set off from Los Angeles in the middle of the afternoon, everything went smooth. On our flight we had a choice of a variety of meals, and I chose the Middle Eastern / Emirati food option. First was a mezze starter, and then came the giant shrimp machboos, a traditional Arabian Gulf dish of rice and dried lemons and spices, and without a doubt the biggest shrimp / prawns I’ve ever had on an airplane.

One of the unique features of flying on an A380 on Emirates Business class is that they have a cocktail bar at the back of the airplane where you can order drinks and food at any time!

Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for a few special videos from Dubai, UAE!



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  1. Omg.. I'm glad you made this.. I've been thinking about going to Dubai Anna now I know the perfect Airline.. just curious how much was business class

  2. Mark, I’ve been watching you for years. Love the channel. But when it took you all that time to BITE A PIECE OF SHRIMP, I almost jumped in my tv to hit you man 😅😅😅

  3. It's amazing how well Emirates take s care of their passengers. No doubt costs are high, higher quality food although I haven't had much Arabian or Arabic food. Last plane I was in was in Houston.. they had no tasty food only peanuts (cheap flight) Have a great day Mark Wiens, love the videos!

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