Dog Is The World's Bravest Mom | The Dodo

Dog Is The World's Bravest Mom | The Dodo
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This brave dog might be the world’s best mom — watch her turn into a puppy when she gets to run again.

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  1. As my late mom said, a mother’s love exists in all species. What a strong and wonderful mother she is. Her puppies are lucky to have such a good mom. Dora’s mom is such an angel to get her the care that she needed. Stay strong Dora as you are truly a sweet angel!

  2. Di you get her pain relief at least??? I am the survived of 3 spinal cord and brainstem surgeries and it is excruciatingly painful to have a spinal injury!!! She is the most precious dog in the world!!! Im weeping for her… thank you for helping her!!!

  3. Just can't watch anything where people are wearing mouth gags! This will be the last thing I will watch that has someone wearing one of these things over their face. I done!

  4. cool dog, but why did you interrupt nature. Evolution needed to weed this one out. How arrogant for you to interrupt nature. Abort the babies, save the dogs. man, you guys are messed up

  5. Such a resilient pup but has a long life ahead of her teem pup on the way to save her from this crisis moment hope you have the best time of your life in 2022

  6. Love what you guys are doing 😭bur was just wondering if it isn't bad to separate her from her puppies at the start? Maybe taking them with her and keeping them around would be reassuring for her? Don't know 🤷🏻‍♀️

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