TOP 5 Breathtaking Paranormal Investigations: Real Ghosts Caught on Camera. True Poltergeist Stories

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Welcome to Top 5 breathtaking! If you have a fascination for poltergeists and paranormal investigation, then we have the perfect video for you.

We present to you a video consisting of ghost videos, poltergeist activity, ghost evidence and many more!

This isn’t your average creepypasta, we’ll be showing you evidence of paranormal spirits in the Chris Watts House, Bellgrave Hall Ghost, USS Yorktown Ghost, along with a couple of others.

Are you brave enough?

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Here is what you will find in the video:

00:00 Intro
00:41 Belgrave Hall Ghost
02:02 Paranormal Pub
03:32 Chris Watts` House
04:44 Ghost Caught on Police Camera
05:39 Ghost on Navy Ship
07:01 CCTV Compilation

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  1. You pronounce Leicester as lestershire .the little girl at the watts house was the child of the watts friend. Bit disappointed in your video sorry did you do any research?? Linda UK

  2. I "LOVE LOVE" This Kinda Stuff Paranormal, Big Foot, Cryptids!!! I'm "ALL" in an your gonna 'ALWAYZ" get a 👍❤️ from "ME" 🙋😲👻😉!! Glad I've found Other "Enthusiests" (sp?)❤️

  3. #3: It's not his daughter in the back room. It was the daughter of a woman who was doing an interview for the documentary. This was debunked by the mother of the child doing an interview about seeing the girl in the background.

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