If I DIE the video ends (Natural Disaster Survival)

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Natural Disaster Survival but when I die the video ends, no game passes

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GAME: Natural Disaster Survival (Roblox)

Recording/Encoding: OBS
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
Thumbnails: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
Music: Epidemic Sound

©2021 WesPlays90600


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  1. Tip for you Wes: During the Tornado, it's safer to run and be stuck in the tornado I've tried it before it works altho ur gonna lose some body parts

  2. Wes, I found ur channel a couple months ago, and I’ve watched nearly all ur vids including ur AMAZING Films. I’m starting filming on my own film for my channel, and ur “Skyfall” film is so good, I’m basing it off that 😀

  3. Hoping Wes upload more videos , ur the best PTFS player and at other games , starting at 231 subs to almost 100K , congrats, love u Wes :,)

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