Golden URCHIN YOLK + Box Crab!! FOOD TOUR in Santa Barbara – California Coast!

Golden URCHIN YOLK + Box Crab!! FOOD TOUR in Santa Barbara - California Coast!
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🐟 Thanks to Visit California for sponsoring this trip
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SANTA BARBARA – Welcome to beautiful Santa Barbara, California! And again a huge thank you to Visit California and Visit Santa Barbara for inviting me on this trip. Today we’re going on a seafood tour of Santa Barbara, especially focusing on local sea urchin (uni), spiny lobsters, and the unique and local box crab – let’s start eating! #SeeSB #SantaBarbara #VisitCalifornia

Again, thank you to Visit California (and Visit Santa Barbara) for sponsoring my trip.

Santa Barbara Fish Market ( – First thing in the morning we headed to the Santa Barbara boat harbor to walk around and learn about the unique fishery and fishing community. The highlight for me was heading over to Santa Barbara Fish Market where they shucked some fresh sea urchins and we ate them on spot. Santa Barbara is known throughout the world for their sea urchin, and having a fresh sea urchin is truly a magical food experience.

Santa Barbara Sailing Center ( – After walking around the Santa Barbara boat harbor, we then walked over to Santa Barbara Sailing Center for a sailboat ride. The ride was spectacular and offered great views of the mountains, and sea, and even some sea lions. We had a few snacks on board as well, just to hold us over.

Rosewood Miramar Beach ( – Next up on this seafood day in Santa Barbara, we headed over to Rosewood Miramar Beach where we met up with Chef Massimo who show us how his take on a spiny lobster roll topped with local sea urchin. We also hung out with Stephanie Mutz from Sea Stephanie Fish (, who harvests and the local sea urchin and supplies Rosewood Miramar Beach – so it was extra special to hear from her about the behind the scenes of how she gets the fresh catch.

Santa Barbara Shellfish Company ( – Finally, we ended this amazing food tour in Santa Barbara with a walk down historic Stearns Wharf, and straight to Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, which is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. Along with their incredible uni and scallop bites, I had to try their rare box crab.



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About the Author: Mark Wiens


  1. What an awesome, most memorable video. Love the local seafood scene and just the casual lifestyle with 5 star taste. Thank you Mark!☺️🙋‍♀️

  2. Mark why didn't you let us know? From Thailand to SB! Next time we will come and welcome with a big smile… When are you planning to return to SB?

  3. I've seen Stephanie on her boat numerous times hitting those urchin spots. And yeah, lobster season started off very busy this year. Some of the boats are still pulling traps near off the beaches of Goleta.

  4. Natives from Guam ars Chamoru. Cali has many Chamoris. Can you see if there are any places there that serve Chamoru food. Many thanks from Guam.

  5. Boy, this guy's jaw is built to swallow anything whole! While normal people take 2or 3 bites of a morsel, this guy can swallow that whole!
    I bet Mark could swallow a 10" pizza WHOLE!

  6. You don't take a video, you make it.
    Rays of calmness are emitting from your video,your presence gave them a new soul🤩😂
    I am still searching for a perfect sentence to describe your upload, maybe vid of the century!!!
    Great… in fact, you don't even need to because you are already 'AWE-SOME❤🧡🤍💯

  7. If people took a shot for each time you said liquefies and that you never had box crab before, they’d still be drunk next month. And what is the difference between salty and briny?

  8. Oooooo I have. 28 acre walnut orchard in Solvang, man I really hope we get in Tuch I think you would have a amazing time up here, Ballard walnut grove in Solvang ca

  9. I rent big family surry bikes in Solvang. I would love to treat your family to a bike ride and invite you to Solvang to enjoy some abbelskibers. We’re danish capitol of America and voted one of the top 3 Christmas towns in America by times magazine.

  10. Watching you eat your way through Santa Barbara eating all of the super fresh seafood was a lot of fun Mark! Enjoyed the sailing segment…Micah was SO funny when he asked you to eat the nuts out of his hand like a dog. 🤣🤣🤣 Never heard of box head crab…learn something new every time I view your vlogs. Also, I always enjoy the fact that you match your background music to fit your travels. Amazing content as usual! 😊

  11. Santa Barbara had the best sea urchin In the world. beside Hokkaido Japan.
    Thank you Mark.
    we live in Ventura County over 38 year's somehow didn't have the opportunity trying those
    gorgeous seafoods in Santa Barbara.

  12. the sea urchins must be expensive in santa barbara.. i remember living in the philippines, the lady vendor in our place ( i live near the sea) used to sell sea urchins packed in a recycled coffee jar for like 50 US cents or like 25 pesos! its like equivalent to 4 big sea urchins in santa barbara! come to philippines the sea urchins are cheaper!😋 and the men ised to harvest sea urchins with just shorts on and no snorker nor wetsuits

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