Louisiana residents traumatized by rash of recent natural disasters

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As soon as Hurricane Ida started forming in the Gulf, PTSD started kicking in for many Louisiana residents who said they’ve been through enough.

STORY: https://www.khou.com/article/weather/southwest-louisiana-traumatized-natural-disasters/285-2fb2f8ae-16d3-4c8e-b2a5-670135931033


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  1. Than move away from this hurricane magnet, instead of bitching about it, DO something about it, Norleans should have NEVER been a city, it’s dirty, a soup bowl, going to happen over and over again. GTFO!!

  2. 17 Dread, and the pit, and the snare are on you, O dweller of the earth.
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  3. Accrochez-vous là-bas en Louisiane… vous avez traversé des pires, vous passerez à travers celui-ci aussi mes amis. Sincèrement de vos amis de l’autre côté de la frontière au Texas. Que les bons moments roulent, bébé!

  4. FIVE hurricanes in the last year… and back to back record breakers. But they still won't vote for leaders that will take climate change seriously and work to at least mitigate the effects as much as possible. Voting against their own interests is just so stupid!

  5. If you're going to live there, these things are just part of the, ever escalating new reality with climate change. Just like the increasing forest fires on the west coast. Increasing ocean currents temperatures and rising water levels will eventually reclaim large swathes of this coastal flood plain.

  6. I'm not trying to be unempathetic. But we already knew about climate change. People should be told that living by the coast is going to be difficult. As every year there will be potential increase of hurricanes. There will not be an option on living by the seaside. Unless you don't care about the cost of damages.

  7. Stop voting for republicans maybe they will catch a break. All the southern sh!tholes will catch hell until they repent their wicked ways . This was prophesied 6 months ago .

  8. Just how I feel here in the panhandle, two years in a row Irma in '17 and Michael in 18, now we have had severe weather from 2 hurricanes already, just waiting for the next actual hit. Weather is CONTROLLABLE and anyone who disagrees is a clown, you can hear JFK say this at a United Nation speech in 1961 and then Lyndon Johnson said it at a graduation speech in '64. Even Pentagon documents which have been declassified over the years admit to seeding the clouds over the "Ho Chi Min Trail" in Vietnam with extra molecules. People always saw the NVA military moving their supplies into the jungle on a flooded route, little did they know that flooding the main route into the jungles was 100% purposeful.

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