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  1. Don't you ever wonder how they get these baby monkeys? They kill their mothers and when they get big and uncomfortable they release them again and there they are killed by their conspecific. Please don't support and dislike this kind of channels

  2. BiBi holding the butcher knife about to attack the alarm clock is hilarious!
    I love how she goes after Ody for messing up her fruit stand. 😘🐵🐈🍇🍊🍈

  3. Les chiens ont un maître. Bibi a un papa .
    Visionnez les vidéos où papa s'occupe de bibi ,
    Il n'y a que tendresse et amour. Bibi aime papa. Papa aime bibi. Moi je les aime tous les deux 🍇🙉🍉🍅🐒😘😘😘😘🇨🇵

  4. This is so sick. 'Bibi' is obviously several different monkeys. The shots where the cat is pushing the fruit off the furniture, someone is holding its paws from behind – no cat uses both paws at once to do that. Look closely people, this is horrible. Help our lovely bank account with Paypal.

  5. Anybody that can't see through this is blind. This is animal abuse, the animals are play things to get hits on YouTube which makes money, this person has other channels doing the exact same thing. They're using cute slogans and pics to suck you in. Think of it this way, would any decent person force animals to do their bidding for a video. Anyone who truly respects animals would not have them enclosed being a circus act, the animals would be out in the fresh air, have space to behave like the animals they are. Its very easy to assume this is all happy and good, but there's something darker,… profit at the expense of a living thing. Open your eyes 🙌 This is not okay

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