Ranking animals I could beat in a fight ft. TierZoo

Ranking animals I could beat in a fight ft. TierZoo
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I ranked how I would do in a fight versus various animals. This list was rated by Tierzoo, the residential expert on animals rankings. This is on the 2020 patch of humans.

edited by: https://twitter.com/politesl

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  1. I was watching this video, and then left and came back to watch it later. When I got back on, the first thing I hear is "pounding it" without context at 24:27. That was hilarious.

  2. "Use a gun" against the hippo.
    Yea because gun is gonna stop the 1 ton tank which can halve a crocodile. The hippo isn't being stopped by anything short of an intercontinental ballistic missile

  3. If a whale swallowed you it would choke on you. The reason it eats plankton Is because their throats are tiny compared to its body

  4. I feel like they're sleeping on cows, if you punch a cow in the head it could just turn and kick you in the head idk man

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