Jeonju Makgeolli – Best SOUTH KOREAN FOOD Experience! (Day 11)

Jeonju Makgeolli - Best SOUTH KOREAN FOOD Experience! (Day 11)
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On Day 11 in South Korea, we visited Iksan, and then for dinner I was introduced to Jeonju Makgeolli, which is a type of rice wine and in Jeonju they take it to the next level, accompanied by a massive mind-blowing delicious meal.

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00:38 Mireuksa Temple Site – For our first stop of the day, we headed to Mireuksa Temple Site, which is an ancient Korean temple site located in Iksan. Much of the original temple and area has been destroyed, but efforts are being made to restore and renovate it.

2:36 Rack-Si-Ru Restaurant – For lunch we drove into Iksan city and went to a restaurant called Rack-Si-Ru Restaurant, known for serving Korean style salted grilled fish (we also ate this same type of grilled fish in Seoul). The meal was excellent, especially because the fish was served with all the different side dishes. Price – 8,000 Won ($6.83) per person

6:05 Special Forces – 30,000 Won ($25.60) for 2 – Our next activity of the day we drove over to the Special Forces arena, and got all geared up in combat gear and had a match against a random team. It was pretty fun, and a lot of good exercise running around.

7:56 Daedunsan Provincial Park (대둔산도립공원) – We then took a drive over to Daedunsan Provincial Park (대둔산도립공원), which is yet another beautiful mountain park in Jeonbuk province. Although I would have loved to go hiking, we didn’t have too much time, so we took the Cable Car – 9,000 Won ($7.68) round trip, to the top of the mountain for a nice view and then back down again.

9:50 Yetchon Makgeolli (막걸리) – Makgeolli (막걸리) is a type of Korean rice wine, and while you can get it all over Korean, Jeonju Makgeolli (막걸리) takes thing to the next level. Yetchon Makgeolli is a famous restaurant that specializes in makgeolli, and when you order a kettle full of it, it comes with and unbelievable selection of Korean dishes. And when you order more makgeolli, they give you more and more food. We literally had a double decker layer of food on our table when we were eating. And these were just like simple Korean dishes, these were some of the most amazing Korean dishes I had during my trip to Jeonju. The loud ambiance of the restaurant, the makgeolli, and all the food made it a truly memorable Korean food experience. Total price – 65,000 Won ($55.46) for everything.

Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs.

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  1. The richest fish is/are arctic char aka black cod aka sable.aka butterffish. Better than prime beef and much healthier for you.


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  2. Wow, even I'm Korean I can't eat that fish. It just stings your nose and make you numb. Almost 70% of Koreans have hard time eating those, but Mark just nailed it. RESPECT!!

  3. I love your videos and every culture is different but i am not cool with still alive wriggling food, i suppose in nature that is how it is done but hmmmm lol.

  4. How can you eat a living being such as the octopus the server cut up while alive. Watch 'My Octopus Teacher' for a different perspective. It changed my wife's concept of your culinary habits.

  5. O u mean airsoft I play it it’s very fun especially mil sim I recommend u to try if you like to shot and tactical and to run around like playing call of duty or any FPS game there indoor and outdoor place you can play

  6. Hi Mark, I have a suggestion to you. Is it possible to add the link location by google map also on your description? Because I have watched all your video in Korea, I rewrite each place to eat, but the result is 0. I mean, I couldn't find the place where You visited 😉 thank you and Keep inspiring people to travel the world –

    – Regards from Turkey –

  7. I love your videos Mark and they have been a constant through this miserable last 6 months. I really don’t know you eat some of the things you do but you eating that live octopus made my stomach churn especially watching it being ‘murdered’ in front of you.

  8. I ate myself stupid in this place while traveling alone. I was then adopted by a table of Koreans and we demolished many kettles of Makgeolli. I had one of the worst hangovers of my life the next day after passing out on the cold hard floor of a hanok. Makgeolli gets you drunk like Absinthe gets you drunk. Lethal.

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