15 Times Sea Animals Messed with the Wrong Opponent

15 Times Sea Animals Messed with the Wrong Opponent
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Land mammals can find themselves in some pretty intense fights. Sometimes, the fights start over a love interest, while other times, they are fighting for their lives or food. If you thought the ocean was any different, you’d be wrong. From an eel-on-eel battle to a polar bear taking on a walrus wall, here are 15 sea animals that messed with the wrong opponent.

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  1. I like how we evaluate a fish’s “niceness” by comparing it to how many humans it kills yearly but we don’t think about how much humans kill in general

  2. Video doesn't show that the Polar bear was starving. Almost immediately after failing to get any prey in that video, it laid down in a ball and died of starvation.

  3. I want to see the full clips not hear you talk about it it, half of the footage doesn’t match up with what you’re describing!

  4. Puffer Fish look like they’d make good tennis balls for people trying to learn or children as they’re bigger than a tennis ball ? but not too big for the racket

  5. “OMG! I NEEEED TO TAKE A DUMP BUT I NEED TO DO THIS VIDEO FIRST”. Just narrate the info and leave the “awesomeness” to the clips which incidentally aren’t great; and further ruined by your voice.

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