Animal Battles: Episode 1: Grey Wolf vs Domestic Dog

Animal Battles: Episode 1: Grey Wolf vs Domestic Dog
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What’s up you guys, this is Caribou Lover123, and today I have something for you to notified of for the next several days: Animal Fights in Far Cry 5’s Arcade Editor! For each Animal battle, it will be 10 rounds total and placing in bets for our competitors! For this episode of Animal Battles, the Gray Wolf will be fighting the Domestic Dog for this Episode’s ?! Who will win? Place your bets in the comments section when ordered by me in the video. If you liked this video, please give this a like, or if you dislike, find a different video up to your favor. Otherwise, if you love and enjoy my content, feel free to subscribe to my Channel and click on the Notification ?, so you won’t miss any of my future videos!


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  1. Hey! It's Angelina. I honestly didn't think that the dog would win! The dog looked so small compared to the wolf. Will you feature the Tamagotchi version of you that I drew in your videos? Keep up the good work! 🙂

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