When it all goes wrong – Amazing goose rescue

When it all goes wrong - Amazing goose rescue
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Whilst the vast majority of our rescues go smoothly, occasionally we are faced with a rescue that takes a lot of skill, patience and luck to pull off.

We were recently called out to help relocate a family of Egyptian geese (under license) after they had wandered dangerously close to a busy main road. Although we do rescues like this all the time, both mum and the ducklings were very skittish and it quickly became one of the most difficult rescues we have done for a long time…

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  1. Another Great Rescue by the Duo, and so funny to see them go into the net and actually get trapped on purpose so you could then set them free where they will be better off. well done guys.

  2. I just love how Simon reassures the Geese in this video.. He does it with every Animal he comes into contact with and i just absolutely love how he does it and also have so much respect.
    Infact he sounds that trust worthy when he does it that if I was close by I would probably give him my Bank card and pin number and Car keys ???

  3. Congratulations to all parties involved! Lol! Fabulous swoon inducing rescue. First time I've ever seen an Egyptian Goose. So different than our Grey's and Canadians and Chinese! This is a first with Dad and what Mom did? Astounding! I hope you preserved this forever. Thankyou WAF and bless you all!?????????

  4. The surprised look on your face is almost as priceless as the parent's dedication to their little fluff balls. You do an amazing job. When you can successfully save one animal, it's wonderful. When you can successfully relocate an entire family of eight, it's just amazing.

  5. What a Sweet Man Simon is & a genius with all animals!!??? Now I know I'm not the only one who gets so emotional about the welfare of animals.???????????

  6. The miracle here is that there are still great humans left on Earth (Simon). We can only hope that the next superpower (China) cares about the planet. The last two (UK, USA) left us a destroyed ecosystem.

  7. The passion you have for rescuing & saving animals in need never ceases to amaze me, my heart was in my mouth when the babies ended up next to the road. birds are incredibly smart though, I bet that's why mum went off to find dad, two against two to even the odds lol.

    I'm so glad the outcome was a good one.

  8. birds are intelligent, she must of realized "I can't fight these giant things alone" and went to get the male – makes you wonder if that movie, the Birds, is the future now.. they are getting wise on how to deal with humans.

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