Playing with RESCUED Lemurs at The WildLife HQ Zoo!!

Playing with RESCUED Lemurs at The WildLife HQ Zoo!!
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Every animal at the wildlife HQ zoo was a rescue, The wildlife HQ zoo was created when a Much bigger zoo was going to close it’s doors. As a result of that the wildlife HQ zoo open their doors and took all the animals so they wouldn’t be scattered throughout the world and potentially mistaken care of the wildlife HQ zoo loves and cares for the animals therefore we went to their facility and created them a beautiful masterpiece known as an Aqua Scape ecosystem pond!!

Follow them on social media to help in any way they are a non profit and they love there jobs??

@edthePondprofessor created and designed the beautiful masterpiece for the wildlife HQ zoo if you would like to see more behind the scenes footage of how they created that beautiful pond follow @Edthepondprofessor !!

And without further ado if you would like to find out how you can be the next winner of the pond giveaway follow me on Instagram @rawwfishing for weekly updates on everything good luck???


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