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  1. I have a ghost in my house their 1 reason I don't like it it Fcking knocks over my lego box and never cleans it up >:( (Btw when ever I leave and come back theirs legos are all in a pile and) One time  came into my room after school and I peeked in my room cuase the door wasn't closed and I saw legos moveing and stacking I walked in and I stepped on a lego #rip fuut <3

  2. are you ALL blind he doesn't close the door all the where to where the lach snaps so the house could be on a hill and the house it slanted or more likely the door was put in on an angle to machine the angle of th wall

  3. Looks at table*
    me: Ugh I hate it when my brother steal my tooth brush man
    Ghost holds tooth brush*
    Me: huh?
    Sees my brother beat up*
    Me: 😀 thanks man

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