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  1. Gina will be making dog food and treats later. The puppies are adorable love watching bath time now they are impeccably clean.

  2. I'm a new viewer I have enjoyed every video that I have seen. Your food makes my mouth water. Your puppies are adorable. I love dogs they complete your family great. I have had quite a few & I love each one of them. They were all special to me. Enjoy your new addition. I will enjoy watching more of them.
    I will enjoy watching you in future videos cooking more delicious food : ) God bless your family.

  3. Awww….Gina they are sooo adorable! you are going to have me at the pet store looking for a Morkie now….you are so nurturing, enjoy your pup's!

  4. Hi Gina & Decota, the puppies are so cute and bath time should be exciting for you as well as them. I found that when you sat them in a little warm water it takes some of the fear away and keep their body temp warm. It will also help you to bathe them under and around the tummy area. The feet are important as you need to keep between the toes clean. It will become a special time in your babies lives to enjoy the water.
    Love the new members of your family. Best wishes to all of you.

  5. I wish I'd seen this sooner, I'm way behind on watching my subscribed channels (congrats you're nearly to 300K!)
    What adorable pups!
    I watch a dog groomer channel, also. The groomer specializes in grooming aggressive dogs, rescues, matted, and long hair – most that come to her require shave downs, many videos include their baths. The channel is My Favorite Groomer and in her past videos are several videos that only show the proper bathing. It is important to not get water into their ears, it could give them ear infections. Also if your long furred pet is getting tangles do NOT wash them, it will tighten the tangles. She also shows the best brushes for keeping your pups untangled.

  6. I just want to say Firstly beautiful fur baby. Place a towel in the sink so stop slipping and sliding, the puppy can seriously get hurt, and please be very careful not to get too much water in the puppy ears. And just pouring water on the face like this. I'm sorry but seems a bit ruff I couldn't watch entire video. ??

  7. People who that much advice should not have pets or kids! Dam every little thing you need to be told how too? Gina your very sad and stop being so extra…..have you ever had a pet?

  8. You’re family and 2 new babies are so blessed to have you as a momma and wife. You’re the best Gina and a true inspiration. ?

  9. GOD BLESS YOU; I am not a dog person, but you handled them with such care, and as long as they are small like that I MIGHT consider; BUT when they start growing I will be looking for someone to take them off of my hands, so I might as well not start!

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