5 Scary Ghost Videos Of VERY Haunted Places | REACTION

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5 Scary Ghost Videos Of VERY Haunted Places | REACTION

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  1. Sorry i wouldnt have been able to see anything after the first incident of something happening… Im out and they can have they house the furniture and the roast in the fridge.. BYE

  2. I’ve been to Coombe Abbey as it’s not far from where I live, unfortunately I haven’t had any spooky experiences there. It’s a really nice hotel you can stay in now.

  3. when you go on one of these investigations, be respectful… dont do what crazies do calling people out, and definitely cleanse or church visit after. i lived in a haunted house a long time, be right with them, they will be fine with you

  4. I would reach out to More experienced Ghost hundreds who have been doing this for quite some time. Moe Sargi, Omar Gosh, or CJ Faison, look them up and check out their channels. I think you will like them! I also need to make the comment, I love your blogs, and not to mention you r some SEXI eye candy, your smile has me memorized!

  5. Dre try to connect with
    { "Hunting The Dead"} he hunts ghost & demons!! There's a few more channels I watch often that are knee deep into paranormal investigation's! I can't think of all there names off top! But I will link em to you here sooner than later.

  6. Urban ghost urban exploration , g team paranormal, hunting the dead, and mind seed tv would good ones to contact. They will even teach you how to protect yourself on these type of investigations. And a few of them use an app on their phone called necrophinic.

  7. Just started watching you , enjoyed watching , your also funny in your reactions. Now a new sub. Try for Llego Papa TV and Hamilton Haunted Explorations , love these guys and their the real deal , no faking . And there's the fourman 04 , their brothers also the real deal .I highly recommend any 3 of these because they are the real . Be careful who you otherwise pick ok there's a lot of fakes out there as you know . Love to see you do an investigation with the right people . Keep up the awesome job your doing . Can't wait to see more . Much respect .

  8. i’M GoNnA bE gOiNg On An InVeStIgAtIoN SoOn! Black ppl don’t do that. Come on now. What you tryna investigate? You betta investigate yourself back to your room. What are you Sherlock Holmes?! Keep investigating and them same spirits gonna follow you back home. Shiiii…

  9. Man listen Im all under my s.o lol I dont let him leave me home alone ????… Nope have the whole house my clothes everything I'm sleeping in a church ….

  10. I’m white and that would be a hell to the motherfucking NO! I and my kids would be out… unless I can call the ghostbusters to zap that spirit ??

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