Rescue Poor Dog was Hit by crazy driver who was driving with over 100 km/h

Rescue Poor Dog was Hit by crazy driver who was driving with over 100 km/h
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Rescue Poor Dog was Hit by crazy driver who was driving with over 100 kmh

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Yesterday night at 9 pm, a big dog from that area was hit by a crazy driver who was driving with over 100 km/h in locality. I took it quickly from the street, I made some vitamins and I took care of the wounds, it was all I could do at that late hour, Saturday night and I prayed for him to suvive. Today we found him better, he drunk some water, and after treatments, about 20 minutes, like a miracle he stood up and took a few steps, from what we see he has problems with right rear leg.
I hope it will not have any other complications and will resist until we can go to a clinic for a x-ray and thorough investigations.

So, we need your help to can finish the works in miny shelter, to can vaccinate about 25-30 puppies before to bring them inside and put them together, to help this boy hit by the car yesterday night,to can find a place for the abandoned mum with 5 puppies, we need help to can be neutered about 15-20 females…we have a lots to do!

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  1. It looks like he is NOT using the leg very much, he is NOT back to normal, when are you going to do a followup on this ,as I would like to see him USING THE LEG.. Why did you say that he was using the leg when he is NOT????? YOU LIE

  2. Kick that driver in the throat and watch them gasp for their last breath.
    Sweet puppy in the wrong place. Should have been in the loving warmth of their owners home and not wandering the cold streets alone and scared. Humans, I don't really care about most of them any more. Just a small few.

  3. Bravooooo, uite că mai sunt și oameni cu suflet pe lumea asta păcătoasă ?????????????????❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️

  4. 아가를 치료해주신 의사 선생님 간호사 분 진심으로 감사드립니다 그리고 아픈 아가를 입양해 주신 분들도 진심으로 감사드립니다

  5. God bless you??☝️??❤️? Thanks Guys for saving dog and Guys your work is really important and beautiful??❤️?????????????????????❤️❤️❤️???

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  7. Those pins should be removed…the end of one is 1/2 inch over the end of the bone poking into his muscle. That is constant abrasion and bleeding? Please.

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