DEMON Ghost Caught On Camera (Haunted Pennhurst Asylum) Part 2

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They Will Follow You! (Haunted Pennhurst Asylum)

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More info: On todays haunted adventure omargoshtv and friends travel to the haunted Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania to explore the haunted tales of the haunted Pennhurst asylum which happens to be one of the most haunted mental insane asylum places on earth and America aka USA. Omargoshtv sees a real ghostly shadow figure and does a spirit box communication with the spirits at the haunted mental hospital where the demons and ghosts will follow you home as others like Ghost adventures and buzzfeed unsolved have claimed…

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  1. Who's still going to be a true OMAR fan in 2020 ??

    Press your LIKE Button please ?

    How many of us watch these vids over and over and still get creeped out ? let me see a count of hands

  2. Omar. Please come to Semarang City in Indonesia and visit "lawang sewu" you don't special equipment. Just be brave and good camera. Just don't go to lawang sewu alone. They will show yourself and talk to you directly.

  3. Omar, there is the “Rolling Hills Asylum” here in genesee county NY. Very haunted, GA was there a few years ago! There’s also the “Buffalo Railroad/Train Station”

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