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In this video, we will be taking a look at 5 scary ghost videos that will induce nightmares and it includes a spirit of a deceased horse caught on camera, a transparent figure of a man from TikTok, a ghost of a man caught in Upton Park – London UK, a mysterious unknown creature in the woods that claims to be a bigfoot/sasquatch, a headless woman on the roadside, a ghost which is pushing the frames of a house of a couple of roommates on reddit, a alien like creature caught in a abandoned pizza hut store, a woman named Jen Berrari on TikTok capturing some unbelievable paranormal activity on camera, a man by the name of Justin Fender unintentionally capturing a arm wrapped around a tree in woods located in North Carolina and last but not the least, A DEMONIC WOMAN WITH A GLOWING EYES IN A NEWLY WED COUPLE’S HOUSE! 😨😨😨

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  1. LOL the abandoned pizza hut video, with the supposed "alien" or whatever it's supposed to be…..looks like a naked person with fake alien mask and on his back is a big tattoo. So, unless aliens/creatures are now getting tattoos, there's no way that is real. LMAO, at least get someone without a big tattoo on their back so it looks slightly more realistic. Love it!!! LOL

  2. Jen's farmhouse is hundreds not just 100 many hundred years old and I have no idea the things that could have happened there the life that could have been lost we don't even know what life was like out there 300 years ago so it can be anything and many anything's because of the sheer amount of time that lots of things can have happened there wars could have been carried over to their nobody knows….. I'm sorry jen because it's a beautiful place.

  3. To the gal whose picture fell Don't interact with anything that you might think is there because once you start interacting with it it only gets stronger and when she start paying attention to it and acting like you know what it is and that it's there it will get stronger and start messing with you more just act like the way the blue it down to heater blew it down but don't give it any recognition at all people make that mistake all the time trying to catch it you know by calling it out and setting a video Don't speak to it or about it while you're in the house because it will give you more problems once you do that if you ignore it like it's not there most of these times these things just go away ignore the hell out of it and pray to God to please help keep you and your home safe Don't save from it specifically so it can hear you but just pray every night and every morning

  4. Boy Shivers 😁, I just love your channel with real terrifying ghost like Wow Awsomely Spooky man. Thanks for your time, and energy for the great footage captured live on security camera. Be safe, and love, and light to you, and yours, blessed be 😇😇😇

  5. If it’s Sasquatch there’s no human voice. So unless the video is fake that may not have been Bigfoot as I don’t know any Bigfoot making human voice sounds. It could have been a Wendigo or possibly Skinwalker.

  6. Dear Shivers☺️First I wana say Thnx for video..But I’d like to make a suggestion if u dnt mind..I’m sure others hve asked the same ..but can u plz consider talking instead of havin us read the story behind the video ..at least on a few .some of ur fans (me) r a lil older 53…and our eyes r very tired after a long day or our glasses aren’t strong enuf to read cross the room lol…also..the video other then the music is so quiet & relaxing I’m sure I’m not the only one who falls sleep while reading in bed 😂😂..So..to recap ..Love ur vidoes ..Plz speak in SOME for now😏😏😏🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️☺️-Mooky

  7. To me that doesn't look like a woman with no head running down the road it looks like a deer running on the shoulder of the road. After watching a slow motion it does kind of look like a person running down the road but I just think the head is blurry because of the bad the video

  8. Terror Tuesdays wit 🥶 #Shivers👻. Oh man, my fave is the running ghost on the road..like 😱. Oh the bigfoot one!! It was def rocking that tree! Looked convincing 2 me. Cheers🍻 2 a safe evening

  9. great stuff…Monique just captured a glitch in a low quality security camera…it cant keep up with the speed of the person walking…compression issue. Not a ghost. Those are static cameras…they dont adjust quickly enough for a clear moving shot. miss the voice….did you lose it on purpose? not fair 👻💕 Shivers are still afoot….

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