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  1. Humans run to see why the water goes out. Crazy. Ive lived my entire life waaaaay inland in TN USA yet even I know about tidal waves . Kinda ironic the town is called fuck it.

  2. Just came across this and no hate or anything, but it really shocks me that most people couldn't tell what was coming. I don't live near the sea, but since we're right next to Chile everyone goes on vacation there. I don't know of anyone who hasn't been told two things from childhood: 1. if the ocean pulls back, run like hell, and 2. if the locals run, you run. I wish more people had known. RIP everyone who lost their lives in the tragedy. Mother Nature is formidable and terrifying.

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  4. I was in the Australian army at the time and was responsible for all food. We had a very large stock of food close to the end of its shelf life so I immediately suggested we should of given the still edible food to these devastated countries. Because I could not prove all the food was Halal certified we spent $60000 burying the food. Still makes me angry.

  5. I'm amazed at how many people don't know that if you're down at the beach and all the water goes out, but doesn't come back right away, it means a tsunami is coming and you need to get the hell out of there asap.

  6. its normal in our country there were very low tides and very high tides in my country and… sadly, thats the 'first' tsunami that happens in our country. so almost everyone thought i was normal low tide until… there were most innocent peoples died in our state in our whole country… and btw there were very less natural disaster in our country so there are no sirens or any thing…

  7. I just can not comprehend how foreign a tsunami is to people that live sea side and beach-goers…so many people wondering and asking what's going on with the water… You see the water acting funny, you run.

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