Emaciated and Severely Dehydrated Dog Rescued from Elderly Owner with Dementia

Emaciated and Severely Dehydrated Dog Rescued from Elderly Owner with Dementia
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  1. Checking on the elderly AND THEIR PET is our morale duty!! Unless you are an uncaring , Neanderthal . ( as a health care professional this truly upsets me) . It could have been totally avoided if someone cared enough!

  2. God bless you??☝️??? Thanks Guys for saving dog and Guys your work is really important and beautiful and lovely???????????????????❤️❤️❤️????????????

  3. Did none of the old man's family ever see this dog or his neighbours or his nurse or his doctor somebody should have done something along long time ago if you ask me me it's totally unbelievable thanks for helping

  4. I know he needs a good feed but isn't it best to feed gradually since he's been starved over a long period of time? Only saying. , but glad he's being helped now. Hope his ex owner is too with dementia. God Bless them and you all .

  5. Thank god he was found in time to be helped .. looks like he is getting lots of tender loving care. I hope he now has some quality of life and can forget his awful past … HAPPY LIFE LITTLE ONE ❤️?❤️

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