The World's FASTEST USB Drive Has a Problem…..

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The Western Digital Black P50 Game Drive uses the new USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, making it capable of speeds up to 20Gbps. That makes it technically one of the fastest USB drives in the world but during testing we came across a few problems.

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  1. Good, you reviewed a new product that has almost no support, and came up with the same issue that happens every time a new feature comes out…

  2. Asmedia is known for errors a lot of VR users have a lot of issues to the point they have to get an addon card. from 2016 to relatively within this past year Asmedia has fixed the issues with their drivers for VR on 3.0 Chips as long as you are running the newest version of Windows and have updated the chipset drivers, USB drivers, and the Bios. A lot of people had issues since last summer when the Rift S was released and having problems into the new year, 4Years? to get a freaking driver right, let that sink in, that's just about half or over half a motherboards life cycle.

  3. ASMedia seems to have the worst drivers out of any manufacturer I've come across – on an X99 board I have to manually install a specific version of the drivers otherwise I get data corruption!

  4. Its new – its cool – but no money from me until "it works". I could sell you a rocket on the promise one day it may fly – honest, trust me> Lol. Great review.

  5. Question: Sure you've been asked this already, but what were the memory configurations that you used in these test setups (number of sticks / speeds / OC on or off / etc.?

  6. Well done for being a BETA tester for WD.

    Did they let you keep the review unit permanently for the privilege?

    Thanks for all the honesty and screen grabs etc.

  7. You need to ask yourself one very practical question. Do your video games really need 1410 Megabytes per second transfer speeds? I would argue no. Just get a Sandisk Extreme Pro. It's plenty sufficient for the most part, and much more cost effective. Let this bullshit iron out. Don't be an early product tester. Let the idiots/rich people figure this shit out, you'll thank me you did.

  8. you should check out linus and his multi nvme raid system . should explane whats happening to you lads 😛 . it WILL happen every time . the drives are not optermised for desktop use atm .

  9. These issues can be because of overheating controller on the motherboard or inside the drive itself by opening it you can pinpoint the cause and fix it and then seeing the improvements

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