Surveillance video shows Russian forces shooting civilians

Surveillance video shows Russian forces shooting civilians
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New surveillance video obtained by CNN shows Russian soldiers shooting two civilians in the back, providing a stark example of a potential war crime by Russian forces. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports.
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  1. Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế
    Phản Kito là ĐGH
    Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ m

  2. The contrast between the cowardly actions of the Russian soldiers the heroism of the Ukrainian soldiers sums up this entire war perfectly. Russia is being run by communist KGB thugs who glorify Stalin, a monster as evil as Hitler and the Soviet Union with its oppressive and murderous history. If Putin was glorifying Hitler and Nazism NATO would have gone in to stop them on February 27th. Communism is just as bad and even more murderous than Nazism, stop the hypocrisy and give Russia an ultimatum to exit Ukrainian territory or NATO will expel Russian forces from Ukraines pre-war borders. CNN needs to start calling these brave Ukrainian civilians, Citizen Soldiers.

  3. Rechtes "Zivilist" hat eine Ak. Schaut auf sehr langsame Geschwindigkeit von 0.47-0.52 Das Gewehr von linkem ist nur zu vermuten das vom rechtem "Zivilisten" kann man doch recht klar erkennen. Folglich ist wer ist hier Zivilist mit Sturmgewehr? For eng. People. Look very slow that video 0.47-0.52 you can see a Weapon "AK" on the right Civilians. I think the left and the right civilians drop hers weapons after failing.

  4. I hope all Russia troops perish there's no room in my life for their hatred and violence. I put a curse on Russia. May the fall of Russia be nigh and they'll live without the pleasure of success, may they always feel like failures, and see through the eyes and feel their pain of the ones they've murdered.
    Ukrainian Angels are watching, and they will have their vengeance. May the weight of the war be in your favor Ukraine. Every Russian troop killed is a better day. Continue strong my friends.

  5. The same vile provocation as in the Butch. In Bucha, the Ukrainian military brutally dealt with local residents who took the side of the Russian army. All this happened under the guidance of Western instructors. CNN is constantly lying, a fake factory

  6. what a lying propaganda pushing net work, the biggest terrorist news organization on the planet pushing hate and war for the biggest terrorist corporate Government on the planet CNN and the U.S.and there puppets in NATO. Stealing money from the American people to give it all to Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to build weapons for there sick mass murdering wars. and there NWO.

  7. What's really shocking me here is how easy people throw away basic legal principles (how do you know those were russian soldiers…because the news host told you??? Because the ukranian goverment told you so??? They wouldn't be allowed as wittness because they are insanely prejudiced). If you build up a picture of your enemy for years you don't seem to prove things anymore. I've got medieval vibes…

  8. наши теперь, видимо, на транзитах вместо военной техники перемещаются))) постановка жуткая. Своих им не жалко совсем, по-ходу. Форма, кстати, "русских" тоже не совпадает с армейской.

  9. look at the shadows from the figures. first they are along the building, and a second later from a different angle the shadows are already at 45 degrees. the sun accelerated sharply or what?

  10. And now let's watch a video of the events that took place 7-8 years ago. Why was everyone silent when the Ukrainian military burned Donbass soldiers alive or broke their neck vertebrae with a pot? Why was everyone silent when mortars shelled peaceful villages. all videos are freely available on the Internet, but everyone prefers not to notice them…

  11. Russia did the right thing by entering Ukraine, because Ukraine bombed Donbass and killed civilians and also burned Russians in one of its main cities – Odessa. Russian Russian soldiers do not kill civilians in Ukraine, at least there was no order, because the Russian authorities are not Nazis

  12. Is it true that the US authorities accuse Putin of raising prices in the States? They say that Putin is also to blame for industrial inflation … How is it, after all, "the Russian economy is torn to shreds" So who is in charge of the country?! In Ukraine and in the war, Putin is also accused … although Putin has been urging Ukraine for 8 years to fulfill the Minsk Treaty ….

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