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  1. As someone who comes from a similar life style I can say you literally see your peers slowly turn into each one of these characters from drug dealer to drug addict to trying to overcome and move on from that life it's just a sad truth

  2. Change man has, 2 minutes of thinking too run toward our sons and daughters not let no white prisons nor black prison the ghettos stop us from fighting for children, fight against cops putting drug's on them .because they hate the father or mother's. Blackmail them walking up in your child's job trying to slide you child dope. Fbi using our children, dea, brand our sons and daughters. I will sue 20.mill all agencies period. You do not love my children's like me.

  3. I saw this movie twenty years ago, forgot most of it, am watching it now and I appreciate it more. If only people were kinder, and more compassionate towards one another….

  4. My favorite of all the LA gangbanger movies. I think it hits on the biggest most important problem of the unfortunate cycle of children being raised by the "streets" because thier father is in the penitentiary. It then repeats itself.I believe people are a product of thier environment, however this can be minimized in some cases by a positive male role model to SHOW ( not tell ) them what a MAN is and should strive to be.

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