Rescue Homeless Thin Dog Was Paralyzed, Living On The Street & Amazing Transformation

Rescue Homeless Thin Dog Was Paralyzed, Living On The Street & Amazing Transformation
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Rescue Homeless Thin Dog Was Paralyzed, Living On The Street & Amazing Transformation

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Octavio José was found on the street in a small town
He is paralyzed and unable to move
Octavio lay dormant for days and severely malnourished
He was very sick, only bones and skin
After being taken to the hospital, the doctor determined that Octavio had muscle atrophy and had epilepsy.

Octavio suffered so much pain so the doctors were available 24 hours to help him
We gave him good nutrition, vitamins and calcium
We are determined to help him walk normally
By many methods: Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine, Octavio has gradually recovered
Besides that, we continue to train him on walking and physical therapy

Miraculously, after 6 months of continuous treatment, Octavio has transformed superbly
Now he can run on his feet, he’s so sweet and happy.
He is very confident and friendly!


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  3. Wow you are an angel you saved him thank you poor baby how can you not care my god he is so so sweet a living animal what is wrong with people god bless you and this baby it's killing me just to watch this please please take care of him he deserves so so much more a loving home good food a safe place to live wake up people animals are such a gift the best .thank you for caring .please everyone give and be kind to all animals .

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