Rescue Sick Dog Unable To Walk, Screaming In the Rain, In Abandoned House – Amazing Transformation.

Rescue Sick Dog Unable To Walk, Screaming In the Rain, In Abandoned House - Amazing Transformation.
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Rescue Sick Dog Was Quadriplegic and Screaming In the rain, In the Abandoned House They Already Had The hole ready to bury her, now Amazing Transformation.
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In a house, in the rain, the sick dog possibly unable to walk and screaming.The dog herself CRYING and POSSIBLY THERE IS NO ONE IN THE HOUSE. We achieved the rescue of the dog with the help of the police. We moved the dog urgently to a veterinarian.
We have named her Cita.

At first Cita was very scared but she was desperate to eat. There may have been some nerve damage going on, which made it impossible for her to stand up.

She was given emergency medical attention due to the seriousness of her condition.
Cita has a disease called:
MEG (Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis):
It is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, it is a form of NON-INFECTIOUS meningoencephalitis.
It is a disease of unknown causes?.
With a lot of effort, Cita was able to walk and be adopted. Now she has a happy life in a new home.

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  1. Merci Jésus pour l'équipe de sauveteur, leur dévouement envers les animaux et merci Seigneur pour la guérison miraculeuse de Sita que Dieu vous bénisse

  2. Bless you little precious girl.Thank you for saving her from that dreadful situation and a horrendous death. You have done far more than expected for her., there are angels on earth

  3. I’d give her what ever she wants and as much food as she wants and let her live the best life possible. Hopefully she can gain some weight since she is so malnourished.

  4. The person feeding her should get some training. Throwing food at an injured dog? Ridiculous. This person showed her fear of a dog that could do nothing more than roll around.

  5. Está muy bonita es un ángel k divina y gracias x ayudarla pero denle akuakier animalito la comida en su osikito y cuando ellos nopueden x k están bien malitos ?❤️❤️ ooo cuide los mucho y amenlos y kieralos

  6. I really appreciate all you do for these loyal, deserving, and lovable animals…although, I must say it really bothered me to see the girl just pitching the can food to the dog while she was laying on the table.

  7. There is always a cure. You just need to find out whsst it is but not by conventional medicine. Go natural the way God intended. PRAISE THE LORD SHE'S UP

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