Rescue The Poor Dog When She Was Caught in The Slaughterhouse |Animal Rescue TV

Rescue The Poor Dog When She Was Caught in The Slaughterhouse |Animal Rescue TV
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  1. Por Dios a las gentes malas le digo miren el vídeo por Dios no pueden ser tan cobarde de tratar así a un indefenso animal por suerte existen toda vía gentes buena gracias por rescatarlos Dios lo bendiga

  2. What monsters out there! I hope they are punished the same way. Such a beautiful dog. How can anyone who are to be humans commit such a crime to these beautiful animals. Thank you so much for rescuing Holly. May God bless everyone who saves animals from monsters

  3. This is a people who have forgotten their compassion and kindness. This is a cruel way of killing. And in front of other dogs. Even dogs can see their eyes and understand the screams of their peers. This race can surely do the same for humans.

  4. People who can treat animals with so little regard are barbarians, savages, and they obviously have no souls. I hope they all choke on their next dog meat meal and end up in hell where they are the next meal.

  5. Q chingados tienen en la cabeza esos dos por q cerebro no creo. Esa no es la manera d llevarse o ayudar al perrito. Q desgracia d gente. Pobresito el perrito..

  6. I pray that President Trump does not do any business with any country that tortures dogs and eats them for dog meat mr. President do not do any business with any country that tortures and kills dogs for their dog meat that's got to stop worldwide they are a domesticated animal and this needs to stop mr. President.

  7. Take a good look at these two people dragging that dog and may the people that live there hunt them down and kill them cut their hands and feet off and put them in the pits of Fire and then burn down the damn slaughterhouses

  8. Why don't you people get Dynamite any weapon baseball bats anyting and go to the slaughter houses and kill the people that are running them and burn them damn thing down and let those dogs and cats go

  9. Why do you only take one dog why not take all the dogs and shoot the son of a b**** that are slaughtering the other dogs why why don't you kill those people and save those dogs that's horrible The Stand By and allow them to kill those dogs like that God help you you're just as evil and you will pay for it too, Karma will take you down eventually may you burn in hell for allowing those dogs to be tortured and brutally murdered 4 Dogmeat God have mercy on you

  10. So when are they gonna start doing this to people they really dont care about life in general so why not do that fuckers thank you for saving doggie

  11. Just wish those bitches and DEMONS could read that their wages will be paid to them in full. Just like they drag that poor ANIMAL their sins will drag them slowly in pain. Evil MONSTERS !!!!—

  12. OMG this was horrendous to watch the bastards. I wish I knew how to stop this evil. If I was there I would shoot those men. This is going on all the time. Please go to Humain Soc Int website where you can sign a petition to help stop this evil. You can donate a small fee but not necessary. I can't sleep at night worrying about these poor dogs.

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