Generosity the dog, rescued from squalor – Stray Rescue of St.Louis

Generosity the dog, rescued from squalor - Stray Rescue of St.Louis
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Rescued from squalor, she was terrified. In honor of #GivingTuesday, we named her Generosity. Donations are still matched until midnight tonight!


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  1. I loved to see the endings to these. Well done again. don't Americans like dogs? I follow all the American rescues on here and the dogs are so badly treated, thrown out, left, abandoned…….why are they so cruel ?

  2. Thank you for all the great work yous do in saving these beautiful animals and I know this may sound so strange to say. The lady Whois taking to this pup has such a loving caring way of talking to the dog that helps them relax. Keep the good work up your doing a brilliant job in helping them be re-homed and pls stay safe when going in to abandon buildings ????

  3. Schlimm hat der etwa die ganze Zeit da gelebt furchtbar Horror. Meine besser wie draußen in Kälte, aber sowas geht nicht. So ein hübscher Treue Augen tolles Gesicht. Wenn er so körperlich nicht schlimm verletzt ist. Bekommt man den Rest schnell gut hin, toll das ihr den da raus geholt habt und das einer denke ich mal das gesagt hat. Sowas ist toll gut gemacht

  4. Oh Donna. You are one brave lady. That was another cruddy rescue and why are the dogs always on the top floor?! Your hair looks adorable and your hoodie logo too. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Thank u so much for rescuing Generosity from such an awful existence. I am thankful for all rescuers, helping to lessen the suffering in this world ?

  6. Abandoned in squalor, Generosity was understandably scared to death. "Humans I thought loved me left me here alone in the dark with no food or water. How do I know I can trust YOU?" I'm sure she knows by now that you're the good guys and she'll never be alone again. Thank you SRSL.

  7. You guys are amazing, our angels on Earth. I pray you continue to receive the blessings you need. Please everyone subscribe to this channel and spread the awareness of this great rescue organization?????

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