Rescue a Crying Dog, Soaked in Urine, and Terrified of Human Touch – Gut Wrenching

Rescue a Crying Dog, Soaked in Urine, and Terrified of Human Touch - Gut Wrenching
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-Rescue a Crying Dog, Soaked in Urine, and Terrified of Human Touch – Gut Wrenching Animal Rescue Story With Happy Ending
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– This poor dog was abandoned and severely malnourished. Someone tied him under a tree and left him there. When we approached him, the smell of ammonia rose. His cries at the beginning broke my heart.

He was scared when we touched him. He was so scared.
It seems that he has been beaten so many times that he’s afraid of such people.

When we took him to the rescue station, he almost immediately started to melt. Love is powerful and that is what he needs.

Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:


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  1. Sao framcisco de assis eu peco todos os dias. O sehor protetor dos animais que acabe estas maldadez com os bichihos eu choro todos os dias que vejo estes videos que o sehor bote amor em todos coracoes de todas as pessoas. E preciso

  2. Its so sad to see videos on how owners treat animals i cry every time i see an abuse animal god is going to get you for that mark my words karma is a bitch i ever see anybody hurt an animal in front of me god help you

  3. I'm glad he's no longer at the mercy of monsters. Thankyou for giving him a chance, poor soul. Please update ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Thank you, animal rescuers are special beings,
    God surely has all of you as his favorite children?
    Gracias, los rescatadores de animales son seres especiales, Dios debe tenerles como sus hijos consentidos??

  5. May the Lord bless you precious people who rescue wounded, abused and abandoned animals. May the Lord also have mercy on the animals who are still in that situation and send someone to help them.

  6. AWE!!!! This was heart warming when he trusted and knew he could trust you and his lil tail started wagging and he snuggled right into you! It amazes me how just a lil bit of love is all this love bug needed to feel worthwhile and that its life does have purpose! Its more than likely the 1st time a human actually showed him love and kindness and care!!! Im crying happy and sad tears all in one!!

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