Squirrel terrorizes old lady… Funny Animal Rescue

Squirrel terrorizes old lady... Funny Animal Rescue
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When Simon is called for a rescue, he never knows what to expect…

He was very amused to see that the precaution taken to block the squirrel’s access to the house was just a thin wall of newspapers, stuck on the dining room entrance! Not the ideal squirrel barricade…

After catching the angry squirrel, Simon went outside to release him. Instead of going up a tree or into the foliage, the little rascal ran back into the house! He quickly changed his mind when the woman inside screamed at him… and finally disappeared into the garden plants.


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  1. Lovely video which made me laugh. BUT … Under Schedule 9 of the WCA, it is illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild, or allow one to escape. Sadly, you are expected to put them down humanely. The reasons include that they are an invasive (North American) species which has all but wiped out the native red squirrels over much of the country; they carry disease; they are opportunistic feeders who will take the young of ground nesting birds; they destroy trees …
    Please don't hate this. It is just the law.

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