Cretan Food – 100% PURE LOVE Farm-to-Table Mediterranean Cuisine in Crete!

Cretan Food - 100% PURE LOVE Farm-to-Table Mediterranean Cuisine in Crete!
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This was incredible traditional Cretan food experience!
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The top reason I wanted to visit Crete, the biggest island of Greece, was to experience the food. Cretan food is known for its incredible Mediterranean based food diet. Even though it’s an island surrounded by the sea, Crete is such a huge island that it’s actually more well known for lamb and meat rather than seafood.

One day while my wife and I were in Chania, Crete, we drove over to a countryside restaurant in the mountains called Ντουνιάς (I’m not sure of the English name). Immediately as we arrived, and met the incredibly passionate owner, and watched him cooking traditional Crete food in clay pots over fire, I knew it was going to be an incredible food experience.

Before eating, I took a quick walk around the farm, to see all the produce and animals they had on their property. The owner was quick to mention to met that it wasn’t just a restaurant, but a farm. Everything he cooked was from his farm on his land – the meat, the vegetables, the fruit, the seasonings, even the wine. Everything was local and seasonal.

After walking around, I just asked the owner to serve me a few of his favorite dishes of the day. We enjoyed some incredible house wine, bread, and then mountain goat. Everything was purely delicious, seasoned with wine and rosemary, and full of natural Mediterranean heb flavors. We were also served a few more Cretan dishes, all of which were stunningly good.

My only complaint was that we didn’t plan to stay long enough. We had to eat, and then head back to Chania town because I had something else planned that day as well. It’s the type of restaurant you could go and hang out for the entire day.

Ντουνιάς – An amazing authentic Crete food restaurant where everything is cooked in the traditional way by pure love.

Total price – 34.90 EUR for everything

Thank you for watching this authentic Crete food video!

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  1. I Watch all your shows Mark and enjoy the cultural diversity.!! Im just beginning to feel a little bit "too much" yummy for everything. A comment about some aspects you dont like would make your shows far more authentic. Its like if you were given a poo filled intestine you would give it a yummy oh my god wonderful comment. Just my personal observation. I wont stop watching. I love tthe authentic places you find. I watch Sonnys food shows and hes not afraid to say when something is not to his personal taste. Its a lot more useful for when we travel to these places.

  2. Not sure if the details on the location were provided earlier in the thread, so to help those visiting Crete our:

    – Search for Ntounias (Dounias) in Google and you’ll find it. It’s about a 45 minute drive south of Chania in the mountains.
    – It really is everything you see in the video. We sat down, the owner asked if we had any diet/preference limitations (we don’t), and he just brought out the food in a few courses. Several dishes seen in this video, but also some not. Pork, lamb, stewed chestnuts and carrots… all out of this world.
    – We’re a family of five, and I realised on on the drive that I only had 75 Euro in cash on me, in case they don’t take card. I don’t think they do, but it didn’t matter – 39.50 Euro for the family.
    – This is a “sure thing” for your time in Crete – great view, deeper into “old Crete” than other places you’ll go (at least to these tourists), caring service, and great food.

  3. So awesome! We drove up here a couple of weeks ago to check it out after I watched this episode of yours and we almost died driving there (Crazy narrow dirt roads in the mountain haha). Little did we know our GPS was trying to save us some time and take a quicker route to get there. The owner was so friendly, I filmed him cooking and he took me back into the kitchen as well just like this, it was almost identical lol! Biting into the bread was like biting into a rock, super dense, felt like picking up a bar of gold, it was great! All of the dishes were spectacular Thank you so much for this piece/episode Mark, it was my favorite food experience in the islands and mainland!

  4. The stuffed flowers were from the zucchini, it is called anthous which means blossom, it is a rice with herbs and grated zucchini and carrot. We Greeks eat them in the Summer season and and vegetarian, nice served cold the next day. Eleni from Cyprus!

  5. your'e gonna lose a lot of people Mark. Why are you filming the animals before you eat them?! I'm not okay with that, and I'm sure 1/2 of your followers AREN'T neither. I will unsubscribe FOR GOOD this time.

  6. Seed to plate, this is what I am working on, except plant based. I am growing everything I eat this time of year and preserving for the rest of it. It's my dream to live like this.

  7. I am still on strong painkillers out of hospital, so eating is difficult, little appetite, as I feel terribly groggy. Yet, I really did find my mouth watering at the thought of that bread with a little goats' cheese and a little plate of those freshly picked salads. Even that little cow was so welcoming and yearned to say hello!! I loved this vlog Mark. The sunshine also felt so healing!!! Thank you. xxxx

  8. I wish we can serve meals like this regardless of our location. Amazing practice, amazing people, amazing values.

    I wish too that I can come and experience eating in this farm eatery.

  9. ?Mark, Ying, Micha, & All… thank u thank u!! The ppl – welcoming, farm – bountiful, animals – tamed & smart, food – OUTSTANDING!! I haven't seen a meal so appetizing & fresh in a while! The meat, tender & juicy & cooked to perfection! I need 2 get out more??

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