World's WORST Fishing Rod (Animal Rescue!!)

World's WORST Fishing Rod (Animal Rescue!!)
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Today I’m pond bass fishing w/ the world’s WORST fishing rod plus a dying animal rescue!!

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  1. i went to the 99cent only store today and seen they had rod and reel combos lol..if you have one in town you should do a video on 1..they r in the toy section ha

  2. … Thanks, Great video, I enjoy all of them a lot. I'm new to fishing and your video series has proven to be the best resource, overall, although there are many good dedicated single topic videos out there that can really educate a newbie like me. 🙂

    The 240 refers to the length in centimeters, 240 cm = 7'-10". Unfortunately, you seemed to get a decent rod with some bad attachments on the guides. Probably can be easily fixed with some 50 lb. braid wrapping and some super glue. Possibly if someone decides to buy it, they can do that first before using it the first time. BTW, wrapping anything with fishing line, like 50 lb. braid and covering it with adhesive like super glue is the absolute best way of fixing or strengthening something.

    I'm a budget fisherman and my biggest purchase so far has been my new Lew's Mach 2 Combo, which is really fantastic. I got it on Amazon Prime for around $160.
    In your search for a budget rod, I had hoped you would get a Plussinno telescoping rod or rod and reel combo on Amazon. I got the 5'-11" rod reel combo for $39.99 and the longer 7'-10" rod for $19.99. For $8 more, you could have gotten a much better rod. They are carbon fiber and fiberglass and have a ton of outstanding reviews and are rated for fresh and saltwater fishing.
    I like the concept of the telescoping rod and telescoping, folding net. They fit into a 20" Harbor Freight stainless steel tool box I got on sale. You may want to give the Plussinno rod and combos a separate video review. For people like me that live in densely populated areas, going incognito has a lot of advantages. Plus you can carry your gear in a small tool box and leave it in the car for when the urge to fish strikes or you drive by a nice location. I also got the Harbor Freight aluminum camping chairs with their coupon for $19.99 each. Walmart has a really great steel Ozark Trail camping chair for around $40 that is rated to 800 lbs. It's big.

    I tried the longer Plussinno rod upside down with my Lews Mach 2 reel with 50 lb. braid and it worked fine, albeit, it was my first time ever casting. It's not recommended to do that, but the Plussinno rod has such favorable ratings for backbone strength, I thought I'd give it a try.. I'd like to get a telescoping bait casting rod to go with the Lews bait casting reel, eventually. The Plussinno spinning reel has great reviews also, it's very smooth.

    Amazon and Walmart along with limited trips to Dick's have been the best resources for economy fishing gear. I think my total investment is under $500. and I have a lifetime supply of many items. It could be a very inexpensive hobby. Also, I subscribe to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife updates on the HAB, Harmful Alge Blooms discovered in area waterways because I'm interested in catch and cook, whenever possible. ROI. 🙂

  3. Love the vid dude, keep up the good work! I really enjoy watching your videos and keep the juiciest videos ever!? Also, you didn’t mention who won the deeper from the last vid, just wanted to say that because I was looking to see if I was on there.???

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