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  1. Ministry Revealed

    Brothers and Sisters please watch and share these videos. They will completely change your mind on how soon our Lord is coming for us. They give you a clear understanding of

    endtime events. None of this is someonepoint of view, this is all right out of the Bible. Just scripture with end time eyes now reading. Will Blow your mind! First Video Second Video

    Its 14 years of Tribulation. Most churches have it wrong because they do not understand who the gospels are talking too. The bride is about to be stolen away then 6.5 years later the rapture of the church, then comes the 7 years of trumpets only for the Jews. Daniels vision is now open. Watch the videos and let scripture unfold.

  2. This world has gotten so bad ,this generation of children ,are unloving ,unsympathetic ,ungrateful ,America reject God ,its as the holy words says ,repent ,fight the good fight

  3. The law can never save us; and he is nearest to the forgiveness of the gospel who, with a contrite heart, discerns most clearly and feels most profoundly that perfection of the Divine statute which impeaches and condemns him.

  4. I AM in this Fallen Realm or Under the " Heavens " World but Surely Not part of it !
    A realm of Material addiction , Selfie Love and Vanity ,
    of Fornication and Greed behavior …
    Mainly now Resurrected Humanoid Snakes /Swines on 2 legs yet at Core crawling like beasts on the soil , within the dirt ! As didn't said the Most High onto the Serpent ~ from Now on ye shall Crawl on thy belly ~ ?

    Even more So Visible anno 2019 as the Pure Spirit of Life is Departing !
    Why ? As like our Heavenly Brother Christos ( Pure Adam ) We ( God's ) also got mocked , humiliated , raped , abused , eaten Up by Spiritual Cannibals and Vampires ( whether via Wars and mainly via Hidden/ Domestic Violence ! ) as with the Sole purpose that We too would be killed or erased from their Field when We refuse to bow for them ( nor no longer willing to Serve them like Slaves as like in the Previous Babylon Time Line ! ) and as to continue their Sin full Lifestyle without getting disturbed so to speak nor to must feel blame , shame nor remorse … ! As remember , without their deceitful Humanoid Cloth they are Ugly Crawling creatures as like the Komodo specie as example … Even the VatiCan is made by the Image of a Serpent ! Vati means Father in the German Language and Can be Pure as Abel is what Cain can't ( this latter being the seed of the Beast , Serpent ) …

    As Indeed , this realm belongs to them since eons ~ and I saw the Beast Arise out of the Sea ~ after the Departure of Christos , 😉 Still at Wars to gain or posses the so Called" Promised Land " yet No where to Be Found within this Fallen Realm as that is Not of this World ! IS- RA is the Union between the Female and Male Embodiment whilst EL the Divine Presence over ALL ( yet in this case the Copy Cats by the Image of the Truly Pure Divine Union as on this Earth a mirroring exist as like a Pure Healthy Berrie and surely a look-a-like poison version does exist Too or Seth whom is Not Set ! )
    This Realm is an Embodiment which at the beginning of the Visible Word ( Thought , Song ) Manifestation by ~ HU ~ ,
    had to Be Pure Too ( as like the Glorified Garden ) yet the Serpent at Eden wanted to Be its own deity and hence it's wish got fulfilled yet surely set Under the Curse of Decay and Death whereby the Holy Land Not to be Found ,
    as that is High Above and out of its Reach ,
    as Only Birds can Fly … !
    Spiritual Mind Food or Parable Language

    To End ,
    why still waiting on Christos ? As HE has been here already and Surely Paved the Path of How to Arise Out of this Field of Death or Chaotic Ocean … Whilst We too had to experience this Fallen State or otherwise We Never ever would have Believed that Indeed this Copy Made Realm exist as well !
    Or residing at the Glorified Garden We still would have had our Doubts if the Sounds by the Flute of Pan to pull us within its own Garden was maybe even more Beautiful , 😉
    Yet for myself with a FIRM ~ NO ~ !!
    Hence why Now and by Free Will to Undergo the Intense Purification and Restoration Process ,
    as We surely shall Be become Unclean as well whilst residing within the Field of the Beasts ,
    and therefore as like Christos to Overcome the Unclean Flesh Influence ,
    including to detach ourselves from it whilst our Own Mortal Flesh Embodiment as just a Temporary phase ,
    yet this Too We had to experience whilst for Sure a Humiliating existence ( as the Inevitable need for a release of own juices as like urine or poo or to smell the sweat ain't an exquisite sense nor to See a dead body to rot and getting consumed by worms either ,… bwah ! )
    So how can One be caught by Selfie Love and Vanity ?
    Much chance Only the Ones whom without the Skin , Flesh are the ugly Crawling Embodiment , 😉

    Raw harsh replay for sure ,
    yet a Truth that Surely shall let God's set Free …
    Whilst Indeed this Earth Embodiment is also Activated ,
    to may Become the Pure Glorified Shinning Star , Garden as well as how it Once Upon a Time was Meant To Be in this Shape and Form too !
    As the All Mighty ~ HU ~ radiant Pure Sounds ( Songs ) into a Visible Form yet also able to be merciless ,
    and even to command AA to may destroy/crush what Only can Crawl on the Soil or likes to hide within dark holes or caves !
    Or to Erase Completely Man kind ( Flesh ) so that even Demons No longer can host within this Form either because the Glorified Adam Presence is a Pure and Bright Light Embodiment whereby a Shadow ( or soulles copy image as like to See thyself on the Sand whilst set Under the Sun ) ) can No longer exist …
    Or as the saying ~ when the Lamp got Illuminated the Dark Room shall Perish ~ , right ?

    Que Sera Sera as the End of an Era or Coil of the Serpent since Eons is Surely a Fact !
    Even Time is an Illusion yet within its Cyclus surely to Celebrate a New Year ,
    although it doesn't exist and only as an attempt to continue its own Way of Life and Strong ~ Coil ~ Hold ( Broad Way ) of Each whom got Birthed Out into its Embodiment as it is the Beast itself whom is Incredible jealous and even filled with Eternal Rage /Vengeance towards God's and The Pure Heavenly Embodiment ( Dome ) because Christos was able to Escape/Arise /Ascend out of its Coil ( to find the Narrow Gate , Portal , Hole ) and as our Example , guidance to Can do the Same , …
    Not easy as Indeed Many are Called yet Few are choosen to Endure this rough and tough Spiritual Quest !
    Because even the Bible is a Mirror expression of Words by the Most High and its Counterfeit exitence …
    As ~ HU ~ is like a Pure Parent ,
    whom did Not conceive a New Life to then afterwards to be worshipped ,
    nor to demand blood sacrifices nor to kiss its Feet nor to be praised as an Idol ,
    yet Only to let the Child also enjoy its Beautiful Magnificent Garden Manifestion and to See or Hear a Mutual Smile as then both their shared Bliss aka Richness at Simplicity Way of Life ( Eden Principalities ) …

    Praise Yah yet Only out of Contentment from the moment ye are truly Re-connected ,
    not with the Hope nor Wish to then get more $ Rich within this Present Fallen State nor to believe that then Christos shall come to Rapture thee whilst thy Mind set is still caught within the " Material Lust Matrix " so to speak …
    Even thy Food or Diet must change ,
    or to feed less the Flesh ( which also acts as thy own devouring beast ) yet to already Feed more Thyself with the Spiritual Elexir of Life !

    Amen ~ * ~

  5. Meteor's are only the outworking of electromagnetism in the sky above us. Planet's don't exist. God only created the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. We are living on a flat and stationary earth with the sun and moon being equal opposites, moving much closer above us in circuits – Read 1 Chronicles 16 verse 30 + Psalm 19 verses 4 – 6

  6. Rapture may be before the Tribulation, but might only be at the 6th seal – whatever way, we have to be ready always, like people had to be that are not part of the earth anymore.

  7. …here is what the Grace of God really is,…if you went out into the world, and got the filth of pedophilia on your royal garment…
    ….your maker Jesus Christ of Nazareth says Come back home, and allow me to wash you clean.

    …that's a BEAUTIFUL thing man.
    Same goes for the liar, the thief, the slut, the homosexual, the hateful, the unforgiving, etc…
    Jesus Christ of Nazareth IS offering ALL the Gift of His perfect Grace, something we can never earn or deserve. That's the Gift, He knoooows we already messed up and still want to let you off Scott-Free!! You can't clean yourself up, like a baby, let him wash you right. When you believe and are under His care, there is no wrath for you….however, he is coming back mad at somebody because that somebody went out in the world, got filthy and rejected the only soap that would have washed them back up so that he could recognize you. He died to swap out your sins for- you. None of us can top that. That's why we need to accept him and his word. He 'IS' and He is very real…very much alive…physically.

  8. We await the Lord's return. In the mean time, these things will continue to happen, and it will get worse. Of course only a few will listen to such warnings and such. Even few less will prepare. No surprise to me!

    Near the end, only the FEW who are alive and remain will be caught up. Straight is the way, and narrow is the path, an only the FEW will be able to find it. In Noah's day, only Noah and his family survived.

  9. Hello there!
    Revelation 22:17
    The disgusting truth is that the water of life is the cum sauce or seaman.
    Seaman is the life force also known as cock sauce.
    Amen and Allah knows Yahweh!
    Om Mani Pad Me Hum!

  10. I'm not sure I don't understand why we don't wait until those Iranian leaders are all in one spot having one of their dress meetings and we just obliterate the spot. Problem solved.

  11. I praise and whorship only One Elohim Yahvahshua the great I AM…He is the Word that became flesh He was there in the beginning He spend time with Abraham in His Glory He is only One God…Mark 12:28-31
    tx…time is almost over He will come for His bride.

  12. Hi there Ma'am, and Shabbat Shalom ~ I hope you are having a most beautiful day of rest
    This is what I usually ask people regarding the so~called" "rapture" : How would you like to be "raptured" TODAY ?
    Please allow me to illustrate something of vital importance to you ~~~
    Here are the "heads" (whomever you choose to obey) of the BEAST (Satan's earthly kingdoms) as shown to John on the Isle of Patmos:
    1. EGYPT

    2. ASSYRIA

    3. BABYLON


    5. GREECE

    6. ROME ~ encompassing ALL "CHURCHIANITY "
    7. RASHIDUN CALIPHATE ~ (same as 8th horn) ALL ISLAM with THE False Prophet Muhammad leading the way. <————

    Notice anything about those last two "heads" of the beast ?
    NOT so coincidentally, they are the two pervasive man made religions of our day ~~~ both PAGAN (as evidenced by the holydays they observe) and both are DISOBEDIENT unto the eternal Word/ Torah/ Instruction that has been since before the foundation of the world!

    Jesus/ Yeshua came to reprove the religion of His day as well. The Pharisees had added their own man made traditions (found in ORAL law, Talmud, Mishna, takanot and ma'asims) that USURP the Eternal Word. He tells them over and over that He came with the SAME WORD that has been since before the foundation of the world, and the reason they can not HEAR Him is because they do not KNOW this Word nor is this WORD IN their hearts (Deuteronomy 30:6) ~~ Circumcision of the heart. YES, this is the VERY SAME circumcision of the heart that Apostle Paul is also preaching ~~~ because Paul IS preaching the ETERNAL Word/ Torah/ Instruction…….

    I am about to illustrate something else of vital importance too ~~~ and this is how "churchianity" or Rome (which is under the "headship" of the 6th "head" of the beast ) has taken Paul's letters AWAY from the SCRIPTURE in which Paul is ALWAYS referring to twist it into the ERROR OF THE WICKED unto their own DESTRUCTION (please see 2Peter3 ~~ ) Here is a prime example ~~ In Romans 10, Apostle Paul is quoting Deuteronomy 30 VERBATIM ~~~ Please, please watch what happens here:

    ~~~~~~~ ROMANS 10 ~~~~~~
    The "church" stops HERE————-> 4For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

    5For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them.

    6But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:)

    7Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)

    -Take NOTE what Paul is preaching here————-> 8 But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is , the word of faith, which we preach;

    ~~~~~~~~ DEUTERONOMY 30 ~~~ THIS is what Paul is quoting VERBATIM ~~~~~~
    11 For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off .

    12 It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it ?

    13 Neither is it beyond the sea, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go over the sea for us, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it ?

    Compare with the WORD OF FAITH that Paul IS preaching————> 14 But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it .

    15 See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil ;

    Indeed the "Day of the LORD" IS at hand, and it IS a "day of darkness" , and the "church" is IN this darkness ~~~ as you can clearly see they have chosen DEATH AND EVIL ~~~ so this is the VERY thing we must be "raptured" from….. TODAY !!!!!!

    I have NEVER, EVER said anything ANY more important than what I say here today, and I DO indeed say this with VERY much LOVE but a great sense of URGENCY ~~~~ that strong admonition from the book of the Revelation is for us to come OUT of ALL man made RELIGION that is USURPING the ETERNAL Word/ Torah/ Instruction that has been since BEFORE the foundation of the world!

    Please, please make haste ~~~
    So veru Vast and Eternal that even those words can not come even close to aptly describing the PURE LOVE that God truly IS
    The. Words. Do. Not. Exist.

    SOme years ago, I died
    Yes, as in stone, cold, not breathing, gone, kaput: DEAD

    I DO know why Jesus/Yeshua tells those Pharisee leaders that they do err in not knowing Scripture nor the Power of God. God is the God of Abraham, He is the God of Isaac, and He is the God of Jacob. He is the God of the LIVING and not of the "dead"….

    …..Uhhhhhhh Please take a good long look at that statement and pay special attention of the names that are listed…..
    Because where God IS ~~~ IS the LAND OF THE LIVING ~~~~ and it MOST certainly makes this place.dimension in which we currently dwell look like a cold, DEAD illusion…….. (I did not want to come back here!!!)

    Bless you in LOVE and in TRUTH
    John @~~ "Sanctify them in truth: THY WORD IS TRUTH ~~~

  13. The 7 years tribulation is coming…hold on cus HE is on his way! Waiting my Lord, please forgive and understand us.

    In Jesus Name ? Amen

  14. Lord Jesus, we are suffering from the sin that is growing rampant throughout this wicked, wicked world, Even the churches have turned away to the ear tickling preaching in the pulphets across the world. It is as in the days of Noah and Lot. We ask you Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to gather us too you as a hen gathers her chicks in the time of trouble, Father we are battle worn, and tired.and many of us are surviving on prayer alone for our families have left us because of our faith, many are dying for their faith in you, Lord Jesus in your word it says, when these things begin, look up your redemption drawth nigh. the world is at a precipice, Israel is your time piece, and they are about to go into the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war, we know that is when you turn your eyes to Israel and the body of Christ Jesus is taken out, we ask you to come quickly, come quickly lest there be no flesh be saved. And they kill all of us Christians, we are hated beyond measure. Just as you were hated when they crucified you.come quickly Lord Jesus Christ, come quickly!

    #CHRIST JESUS; Latin, REPLACED English-Messiah or Anointed  [Joshua]  in Hebrew MASHYACH YAHUSHA/YAHU'SHU'AH.

    #CHRISTIAN CRISTIANOS-Latin /Greek KHRISTIANOS, Created in the Greek  Orthodox Catechetical School of Alexandrian 190AD.Then Roman Emperor Constantine adopted it in 310-326 AD.REPLACED-“Anointed” But before 310 AD believers were Called- in Greek. Nazoraeans  in Heb.#5139 NAZIYR.

    #CHURCH  Roman Catholic Greek for KIRKE,CIRCE, Sirse a Pagan LUST  Temple  REPLACED a clean Greek#1577 word  EKKLESIA ; old Greek  Ekklesiyah which means  CONGREGATION- Called Out Ones!

    LORD a title  Ba’al=according to-Webster 1828 Dictionary; Smiths Bible Dictionary; International Standard Bible Encyclopedia; Fausset’s  Bible Dictionary and Easton’s Bible Dictionary; REPLACING=

    lord small caps is ba’al still, but as=Master, king, ruler of Authority

    Landlord, He is not our Landlord but our Creator with a NAME.

    Lord our G-d ; BA’AL GAD Meaning =Lord of Fortune-REPLACED

    Yahuah our ALUAHYM;

    #GOD-in O.T.1st. Covenant all Capitalized is “GAD a Deity of The Phoenician Canaanite origin; *Also Spelled GAWD, GOD, GOTT. IT REPLACED THE HEBREW WORD'S.#430-*ALUAHYM=(ALAHYM, ELOHIM); of Hb.#430 ALUAH=(ELOAH); also Hb.#410 AL=(EL), Al-mighty deity or Mighty One and or Mighty One's in Paleo Hebrew the E sound is more of The A sound before the Babylon captivity; so it      REPLACED ”ALUAH” The Lil’ letters god is  “al=[el]” a pagan deity.

    #GOD or god in the N.T. New Covenant; Is a PAGAN word for a German Celtic Teutonic Deity Called “GOTT” or Anglo Saxon “GODD” They are NOT Hebrew, Latin or Greek words. Latin would be ”DEIOS”, Greek=THEIOS; Hebrew AL / AL” Mighty One. Means also Judge, Ruler, Authority, officer, AL=[EL] in Spanish is still today, Great One, mighty one.LOVE WARNS

  16. These Arab So called Leaders are all revealing their hands in these end days.. all is being revealed how they all are under Israel's control.

  17. I'm so happy that scientists has confirmed that snakes once had legs. I'm proud of the Vatican will display piece of the manger. I'm very ashamed of how anti God Canada is! God will not let that slide! God is the answer to everything! ?❤???❤??

  18. ?देखो वामनों (नक़ली ब्राहम्णों) की कैसे सुलग रही हैं?

    FB: प्रशांत भारद्वाज हरामी पंडे पुजारियों की गोपियों द्रौपदियों की नाजायज़ औलाद, तुम से तुम्हारे घरों की गोपियों द्रौपड़ियो को सरे बाज़ार निर्वस्त्र करवा रहा हूँ, औऱ तुम स्वयं कर रहे हो, जैसे तू दल्ले पांडव वंशज अब कर रहा है!?
    इसमें तो तुझे कुछ बुराई नहीं लगती,नक़ली भारद्वाज!?
    ऐसा हूँ मैं सूर्यवंशी कौरव,असली गुरुश्रेष्ट श्री परशुरामजी का वंशज!?
    अब बता महारण्डी द्रौपदी की औलाद,तू कैसा है वे,फुदकनी के फुदकू,नकली मानव!??

    FB: राहुल वैदिक शास्त्री लगता है आप पांडव व कृष्ण कन्हैया कुमार के वंशज हैं!पंडे पुजारी, ये छल कपटी, चोर उच्चका,झूठा, लम्पट, मक्कार,मायावी ग़द्दार,भिखमंगा, दान पर जीवनयापन करने वाला, तुम्हारी गोपियों द्रौपदियों का भैयायार, क्या ये तुम्हारा अब्बा लगता है, तभी तुम्हें मिर्ची लगी!?पर हम सूर्यवंशी कौरवों के लिए इनकी गंदी नालियों में रेंगने वाले कीड़े से ज़्यादा कोई औक़ात नहीं है,जैसे तुम पंडे पुजारियों की हम सूर्यवंशी ब्राह्मणों के आगे कोई औक़ात नहीं है!

    अबे पांडवो व कृष्ण कन्हैया (विष्णु लक्ष्मी) की ही तुम्हें औलाद कह रहा हूँ!?
    @संदीप शर्मा: अबे विष्णु लक्ष्मी की औलाद पंडे, पांडव वंशज, राम कृष्ण कन्हैया कुमार के वंशज उनके अब्बा का Photo लगाया है, परमेश्वर शिव का, ये दिखाने के लिए, की ये विष्णु फुष्णु भी हमारे जगतगुरू शिव की ही पूजा करते थे, शिव इन महामूर्खों की नहीं!
    जिनसे,एक शिव धनुष तक उठाया नहीं गया था, जिनके पाप इतने थे कि वो भी इनके छूते ही टूट गया था और सीता स्वयंवर पूरा ही कहाँ हो पाया था, महामुर्खो,क्योंकि उस स्वयंवर की शर्त पूरी ही कहाँ हो पाई है, तभी गुरुश्रेष्ट परशुरामजी आ जाते हैं और, ये महामूर्ख विशिष्ट के शिष्य, सभी ऋषिमुनियों के समक्ष उनका भी अपमान कर डालते हैं, जैसे तुम कर रहे हो, जो सनातन सूर्यवंशी संस्कृति, सँस्कारों के विरुद्ध हैं!

    अब आगे स्वयं पढ़ लो बाल्मीकि रामायण में इन दो महामूर्ख राम लखन का हुआ क्या औऱ असल में इनका बाप दशरथ मरा क्यों था औऱ उसकी मौत के पश्चात उस अयोध्या की गद्दी पर बैठा कौन था!?
    फ़ालतू में माता केकैई, मंथरा को बदनाम कर रखा है!
    चल निकल पतली गली से ब्रह्या विष्णु महेशभट्ट, इंद्राणी लक्ष्मी ,द्रौपदी, सुभद्रा के वंशज,हम सूर्यवंशी कौरव, तुम मूर्ख पांड़वों से उनकी अपनी ही गोपियों द्रौपदियों को जीतकर, सरे बाज़ार निर्वस्त्र करवा लिया करते हैं, जैसे मैं तुम से करवा रहा हूँ और तुम ख़ुशी ख़ुशी, पंडे पुजारियों की औलादों कर भी रहे हो!?

    चल जाकर मंदिर की घण्टियाँ बजा तथा गोपियों द्रौपदियों को बुला भीख मांगने व रासलीला खेलने के लिए क्योंकि तुम्हे हाथ का कोई काम सही ढंग से तो करना आता नहीं सिवाए अपनी गोपियों द्रौपदियों संग रासलीला खेलने व भीख मांगने के, फिऱ चाहे महात्रिकाल शनि के दान के नाम पर हो, या एकादशी, अमावस्या, पूर्णिमा, शिव, मां दुर्गा इत्यादि के नाम पर हो!
    तभी तुम्हारे व तुम्हारी अंधभक्त गोपियों द्रौपदियों व बन्दर पांड़वों के दूध पत्थर पी जाते हैं जो गंदी नाली में पड़े होते हैं, हम सूर्यवंशी कौरवों के दूध ग़रीबों के बच्चे पीते हैं!
    अब समझ गया हरामी पंडे पुजारियों की औलाद,मैंने किस की फ़ोटो Dp पर लगा रखी है,अपने पूर्वज की,ना के तुम्हारे फुदकू राम लखन महामूर्खों की!?

    अब समझ में आ गया अश्वत्थामा तुम पांड़वों की उत्तरा की कोख़ का अण्डा भी क्यों नष्ट कर देना चाहता था, क्या तुम अपने घर में सूअर, कॉकरोच व कैंसर के गंदे कीड़े पालना चाहोगे,सोच कर बताना!??

  19. वामनों (वामटो) व पांड़वों (भीमटो) के वंशज की जबरदस्त Fitting चल रही हैं, "सावधान हो जाओ",इंद्रप्रस्थ वासियों,अश्वथामा क़हर तुम पर ही सबसे ज़्यादा बरपाएगा, क्योंकि तुम ने अपने हरामी दल्ले छल कपटी नन्दवंशी ग्वाले सारथी नाई भगवान की बातों में आकर अपने सूर्यवंशी बड़े बुजुर्गों की छल से हत्याएं की है और ये कुलीन ब्राहम्ण गुरुद्रोण पुत्र तुम्हें बिल्कुल नहीं बख्शे गा, तुम्हारी तो उत्तरा के कोख़ के गंदे अण्डे भी नष्ट करेगा!
    शक़ हो तो स्वयं देख लो उसके आने की आहट स्पष्ट सुनाई दे रही हैं और ये हरामी तुम्हारा मायावी जादूगर भगवान राँड रसइया कृष्ण कन्हैया (राँड़पाल,राँड़देव,राँड़गुरमित, आसाराँड़, राँड नारायण झाऊँ इत्यादि) तुम्हें बचा नहीं पाएगा, ये तुम्हारा अब्बा तो स्वयं ही कोढ़ी बन जाएगा!?

    ☺️चरित्रहीनों शिवहत्यारों का देखिए महावंशविनाश!☺️

    क्यों भड़वे दरिद्र FB Admin, रण्डी लक्ष्मी दरिद्र नारायण झाऊँ आसाराँड़ की औलाद,अब क्या हुआ जब तुम्हारी गोपियाँ,स्वयं ही द्रौपदियाँ बनकर सूर्यवंशी कौरवों की महफ़िल में निर्वस्त्र होने लग पड़ी, इसलिए तुम्हें ये मेरी Post Publish करने में परेशानी आ गई!??

    ये तो अपने घर की ईज़्ज़त को दांव पर लगाने से पहले सोचना चाहिए था भड़वों,अब तो वो मायामहल का सबसे सही मस्त माल बनी पडी है,ऐश्वर्या, दीपिका,हेमा, बिपासा इत्यादि की तरह जो कमाकर तुम्हें ख़िलाती हैं औऱ सम्पूर्ण आर्यवर्त से हरीभरी होकर आती हैं!

    इसमे बुराई क्या ,ये तो तुम्हारी संस्कृति व सँस्कार हैं, ख़ानदानी रिवाज़ हैं!?
    अब क्या तुम्हारी कुलवधू द्रौपदी को महारण्डी पांचाली पंखुड़ी रूपा अवस्थी गंगोली मुख्रजी इंद्राणी दत्त राव भी कहना पाप है,अबे रंडियों का dance देखने के लिए ईमान का पैसा खर्च किया है,बाकयदा Ticket ली है!?
    जिससे तुम्हारे घर की रोज़ी रोटी चल रही है!

    परम्परमेश्वर परमपिता श्री शिव जी परमदाता का रहस्य जानिए!
    देव शिवा वर देहू मोहे, शुभकर्मन ते कभू ना टरु, प्रीत लगाकर भक्ति करू,रण में लड़कर अपनी जीत करू!?

    देखिए सूर्यवंशी इंसानों को बचाने कैसे सूर्यवंशी जानवर अपनी जान पर खेल गए, औऱ ये चरित्रहीन विष्णु लक्ष्मी ,रक्तबीज राम कृष्ण बन्दर हनुमान भक्त एक सूर्यवंशी बाली व रावण ना बचा पाए, एक महादिव्ययुगपुरुष सुतसूर्यपुत्र श्री राधेय-कर्ण जी का सम्मान तक ना बचा पाए!?
    दल्लो राम कृष्ण नारायण झाऊँ के वंशजों, ये दल्ले कोई सूर्यवंशी प्राणी हैं क्या!?ये शैतानों की गंदी नस्ल हैं, वामदेव,भीमदेव के गन्दे अंडे!

    भिखमंगों के अंधभक्त भिखमंगे ही हुआ करते हैं, अब स्वयं सनातन सूर्यवंशी शास्त्र पढ़ कर देख लो, सूर्यवंशी महादिव्ययुगपुरुष आदरणीय श्री मनुमहाराज के वंशजों का कैसे क़त्ल किया गया है छल कपट,झूठ बोल कर,बेईमानी से, धर्म की आड़ लेकर, जो आज भी जारी है!?

    छल कपट से पाई हुई कोई भी चीज़,भीख ही होती है और वो सब भिखारियों के बीच उनकी अम्मा द्वारा बराबर की बांट दी जाती है वहां सूअर कलुए कालिया कृष्ण कन्हैया नितीश कुमार व उसके तर्कों का कोई वार नहीं चलता है, इसलिए इस पांचाली रूपा पंखुड़ी दीपिका बिपासा हेमा बरखा इंद्राणी प्रियंका प्रियदर्शी नामक पांचाली द्रौपदियों का स्वाद सारे जय वीरू जैसे लवारिश लौफर शराबी बेनाम बेशर्म joker कृष्ण कन्हैया नितीश कुमार बन्दर नारद नारायण झाऊँ हनुमान जैसे हिज़्ज़डे तक चखते हैं!?
    कैसा लगा ग़द्दार द्रुपद की द्रौपदी का स्वयंवर, ये सीता स्वयंवर नही द्रौपदी स्वयंवर हैं!?

    सूअरियाँ हमेशा ख़िलजी, तैमूरलंग अक़बर पटौदी मीर जाफर, रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर के घर की शोभा बढाती अच्छी लगती है,किसी सूर्यवंशी कौरवों की नहीं!?

  20. ONLY JESUS CAN & WILL Fix this ?…There will Be NO Peace, Until Our PRINCE of PEACE COMES? Come Quickly LORD JESUS ?HOLD ON ☝ Our Redemption Grows Nigh ? Blessings ?

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