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  1. Lol…only Lana can sing about rehab and make it seem like a beautiful, heart-warming experience. "Maybe I'll goooo, and snort some cocaaaaaine, go get in my caaaaaar, and drive awaaaaay, so I can go to rehaaaaab!!!" Rofl

  2. Okay, either they were REALLY good friends, or they dated…. I'm betting on the latter, but if it is true, judging from Internet icon and Lana's engagement, we see that they've moved on :((((

  3. W O W!!! It was so funny, and so intresting, you have good imagination!!! You can explode my glases with your voice!!! Now i must to buy new!! Thanks!!! 😀

  4. Haha, yeah it does seem like Chester has a bit of a Disney obsession.

    I'm not in an improv group at the moment, but yes I have been in the past. I'll let you know if I get back into comedy again!

  5. hahahah this is hilarious! It seems like you guys do a lot just to make a video that's under 10 minutes long lol… I mean if I had an awesome car like Chester, I would stare at it all day or until my girlfriend (if I had one) told me to stop.

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