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  1. Will all the negative new its nice to see good people doing great things, especially when a story starts out so sad. We HAVE to take care of each other – man child or beast. We can take this and teach our children about compassion.
    By starting to show a young l child how to care for an animal then nursing one, to the saving/rescuing an animal is one of the best things you can teach a child about the world around us ?

  2. I don't think she wimpered and cried because she knew she needed help, I think it has to do with earlier abuse. When some person steps out of the car and moves towards her, she expects to be hit/kicked again, so she lays down, start wimpering and rolls over to show submission to try to avoid new "punishment".

  3. People who choose to adopt an animal must make sure that it is like adopting a little child. And when an animal is left behind then that person should never adopt an animal. Just because animals don't speak like humans does not means that animals don't have feelings, and they feel the pain when they are left behind because they are no longer wanted. Be responsible when you are planning to adopt any animal, they require the same care as a person.

  4. I am so angry with people who do these awful things. people who do these things are the animals. they should get the same treatment that they inflicted on these dear sweet creatures.

  5. Reminds me of how I found Auggie Doggie, she was dying at the side of the road. I stopped for her. She tried to leap for joy, but only had the strength to wave her front feet.

    I got her in the the car & returned home & asked my mother to take care of her.

  6. Please stop purchasing dogs from pet stores and breeders. There's beautiful rescue dogs and local shelters have some wonderful dogs up for adoption
    I have 2 pugs now

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