Animals from Different "Walks of Life" Getting Along

Animals from Different "Walks of Life" Getting Along
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I recently watched a video that showed a duckling and a puppy getting along and it inspired me very much. So I made this little compilation of animals getting along, playing and caring for each other. I wish we could do the same.

Music: “Dreaming Of You”, by Christian Marsac.


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About the Author: Dziri


  1. Seriously I'm a grown man,and this video made my tears start flowing.
    It hurts me so bad inside that Humans,FUCKING PEOPLE!!! can't be like this to one another.
    No they have to kill each other.

    I don't see people with colors I see people as humans.

  2. Why can't we humans (same species) get along like these animals (different species)? it's just amazing how these animals who are known to be worst enemies getting along!

  3. We would all be astonished with the present sociological, psychological and technological advances in knowledge we have in regard to making this earth as harmonious as depicted in this vid.
    Set aside your preconceived notions and reasearch it…then join the Venus project for the world we aspire to live in. All it takes is enough people from all over the world to demand it. Please come help the communications team reach those who can help make it possible:)

  4. You need to read "Raising the Peaceable Kingdom" By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, or any of his books, really. "When Elephants Weep" is the first one that I read from him. Or anything from Marc Bekoff. He collaborated with Jane Goodall on many books and wrote many himself. Bekoff is an ethologist, (since you mentioned it) I am not sure if the other
    2 say that they are, but they certainly have similar views. And definitively all 3 have a different idea than you about what is a "disaster".

  5. Take the cat and the chickens at 01:14 for example. This is probably a set up by a human who have switched the kittens for chickens. A cats nursing behaviour is controlled by hormones and instincts. The cat does not know and can't tell the difference between the chickens and here real kittens. All the energy she is putting down on the chickens are in vain. It is not going to help here to spread here genes on in the evolution, it is clearly a disaster for the cat.

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