5 Most Mysterious Photos from the Moon

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UFO sightings, aliens, a secret moonbase and a NASA theory… presenting the 5 most mysterious photos from the moon.
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The five most mysterious pictures from the Moon, including a UFO sighting during NASA’s Apollo 16 mission, an alien colossus spotted on the surface of the moon, a secret extraterrestrial colony or military moonbase, a strange employee photo taken when NASA bombed the moon, and curious lunar sprites that appear to be an underground power station captured by the Apollo space missions

Dig Deeper:
Apollo 16 UFO: http://1.usa.gov/1ttpgwT
Google Moon Colossus: http://exm.nr/1twtXrB
Moonbase: http://huff.to/1zqtuuc
LCROSS Moon Bombing: http://bit.ly/1rOlbQ8
Lunar Sprites Image: http://bit.ly/1zqtEBD

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Intro: “The Machine Thinks”
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  1. Yeah that first craft was actually a failed Russian capsule, the missions were three days apart, and we had succeeded, where they had failed to land, despite actually making it there….

  2. At 4:03 who was holding the camera watching Apollo move thru space while we watch it wth? That proves they weren't in space because god didnt create aliens only humans oooh That's right were from monkeys………proving fact there is only 2 bodies celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies …from the bible these jackasses add to gods words extraterrestrials

  3. The moon is partially hollow,there are alien bases and government bases on the moon. Some structures are very old,other ones not so old.None of this is a surprise, it's been comon knowledge for ages.All the strangeness that goes on there and on earth are kept secret because if everyone knew all the secrets it would upset the social balance,religion would be thrown into chaos, and a lot of people that live inside a government created bubble can't or won't think outside of the bubble even for a moment.

  4. The anomaly at 2:37 isn't digital at all..this anomaly is simply the film tag run on at the last picture frame on the roll of film…not in this case..but were digital camera's even around for use during the Apollo time period..

  5. No.3 The anomaly is of a higher resolution than the rest of the image. Photo shop! Sat at home watching video's on youtube
    and taking the word of the person who posted the video as proof is fucking the world up. e.g. flatards!

  6. Guys aliens obviously exist we can't be the only living entities in the galaxy/Universe. There are other planets that support life and an almost infinite number of galaxies.

  7. Yeah sure, there's a secret moonbase. And NASA didn't even bother to remove it from the searchable satellite view released to the public in order to keep the secret. How realistic.

  8. Because we have awesome digital cameras and our phones can take high-quality photos, there's an expectation that ALL photography turns out that way. People have a hard time fathoming that cameras that are designed to be able to withstand the harshness of space and may require weeks or months to get to a point where they can take pictures could encounter debris, artifacts, defects, or simple quality problems.

    Obviously, there's also a healthy 'wishful thinking' component. People want evidence of life off this planet, so the uncertainty can be put to rest. It's going to happen eventually, but I don't know if it'll be within our lifetimes. Maybe once we figure out fourth-dimensional spatial folding we'll be able to find out more easily.

  9. You guys ufo's is not just like 5 – 7 feet it is 8x bigger than the earth cuz aliens NEED TO PARTY YOLOYOLOYOLOYO YOLOYOLOYA
    JK IDK iF its true but many people did say that ufo's are bigger than the earth

  10. Number 2 excited me a little. Nice work on NASA. Those little green men didn’t see it coming! Serves ‘em right, setting up shop in our solar system like they own the place. All we need to do now is send a crew of marines and pick off the stragglers >:3

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