REAL GHOST ACTIVITY CAUGHT ON CAMERA – Return to The Abandoned Haunted Farmhouse

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A few months back i went to this haunted abandoned old farmhouse set in the middle of absolute nowhere. This house reminded me heavily of Moe Sargi’s Tom’s house and trust me it is just as creepy.
Last time i explored this place alone at 3am however this time i though i would bring my friend Daniel Robz with me.
All i can say is that the house did not disappoint!!!

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  1. Keep up the great work! Great activity captured. You should have a lot more subscribers. Excellent production… Cheers from Hobart Tasmania Australia ??

  2. OMG! this was a great upload… part of me wanted you to stay and continue, but other part of me was like, no get the hell out of there for you both!!! great content well creepy

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