Saber the Mink Playing in Shavings

Saber the Mink Playing in Shavings
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About the Author: Joseph Carter the Mink Man


  1. After my dad and my cousin kill a giant rat in our backyard, I started to watch minks and dogs catching giant rats and i enjoy watching in this channel.

  2. SO SO CUTE!! Now you have another idea to enhance the play area. Wish I could visit your gang. You have so much to thank God for and I thank Him that I have youtube to watch the fun, and yes cry with you as well. Happy THANKSGIVING.

  3. COPPA LAW takes effect Dec 1st how will this change your channel? and don't forget to remove all your videos that have your children or you may be risking some seriously hefty fines in the range of 42, 000 Per violation

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