Dogs Rescued From Michael Vick Dog Fights Have REAL Families Now | The Dodo

Dogs Rescued From Michael Vick Dog Fights Have REAL Families Now | The Dodo
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Dogs Rescued From Michael Vick Fighting Ring Have Real Families Now | Survivors of dogfighting used to be put down — but the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s fighting ring are proving every day that there is nothing stronger than love. Love Animals? Subscribe:

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  1. I liked Michael Vick as an athlete, but when I hear what he did to those dogs, I struggle to forgive him. Not just forcing the poor animals to fight, but personally executing underperforming dogs – and not even in humane ways. In quite sadistic ways

  2. why the hell do they use this scum bags name,he should be shamed his crime remembered,buy he should be forgotten,he dosnt deserve his name associated with such a positive organisation,after a year it might seem to the newcommer M.Vicks organised it

  3. Grew up with dogs, can easily say have one aswell he shows most Love of all the dogs we have. My oldest friend have one as well his show sommuch loves aswell. He Love to cuddle just as mine. Mine must sleep in seem bed as me and Love to kiss alot.

  4. Thank goodness for BAD RAP, out of Oakland, because from all that I've read, BAD RAP had the idea that they could rescue these dogs, because, unlike most dog fighters, Michael Vick had huge financial resources that could be tapped to pay for the dogs' rehabilitation. Then thank goodness for Best Friends, whose own John Garcia can be heard on this video, for taking the very most difficult dogs. People like Bad RAP, John Garcia and Little Red's mom, who can be heard saying, "She didn't need rehabilitation, she needed to recover." on this video–people like that give me a lot ofhope.

  5. I'm not judging the 7 people who dislike this video, but rather I'm curious. Is it the rescue of the dogs they don't like or is it Michael Vicks and his psychopathic-like treatment of them?

  6. Dogtown, Cattown, all the facilities at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary….they do good work, they help the worst cases, and even if an animal can't be adopted they'll spend the rest of their days living on the Sanctuary. It's the largest no-kill shelter in the US, and folks, speaking as one whose actually gone down and volunteered at the Sanctuary I can say it is truly a special place worth looking into for family vacations if you wanna help out and give your family a rewarding experience.

  7. I couldn't even get through the 1st minute. I can't believe people do things like that to animals. I despise Vick with a passion. How can this be entertaining?

    Yes it really sucks that they let him play football again. Quite frankly although I like watching football… more! With the way NFL players act it is deplorable. From this to abusing spouses/girlfriends to disrespecting our country. Bye bye NFL!!

  8. So good to see this. It used to be that they would never even attempt rehabilitation, rashly assuming fighting dogs were "ruined". They're not. Poor things. They just need love, security and a chance, like everyone else.

  9. Put Vick in the middle of the ring and turn loose a hoard of them on him. Courts are no good becausr after his probation today he allowed dogs again. NFL, you suck. I have never watch or will I a game because they took him back.

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