Chinese Street Food – RARE Muslim Wedding in Islamic China + 9 WHOLE LAMB!! NEVER SEEN Before!

Chinese Street Food - RARE Muslim Wedding in Islamic China + 9 WHOLE LAMB!!  NEVER SEEN Before!
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Chinese Street Food RARE Muslim Wedding in Islamic China! With WHOLE Lamb!!!
Thanks Dalei!!!

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Chinese Street Food RARE Muslim Wedding! Today, we’re attending a Muslim Chinese wedding in rural Henan province in central China to try the food! We’re going DEEP for Chinese street food!

Located a short drive outside of Kaifeng, which has some of the best street food in China, we’re trying the RARE Chinese muslim wedding halal food! Muslim Chinese food is so unique, and today we’re getting to taste the REAL Chinese muslim food!

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  1. Hope you enjoy the video! We attended an amazing wedding in rural China and ate some delicious Hui Chinese food! Watch until the end cause there’s some super unique food in this video! Thanks a lot for watching and being a part of the Foodrangin’ community!!! I hope you're enjoying the videos lately!!

  2. Sepertinya Pernikahan di Muslim di Indonesia harus mencontoh Muslim China.. disini yang Muslim Adab'nya masih 0 besar makanannya banyak yang berdiri dan disediakan hanya kursi tanpa meja.. disana kursi dan meja sangat disediakan untuk menikmati makanan.. Makanan saja di Hargai dengan Abad Muslim apalagi Agamanya.. 😀

  3. Thanks for the video.
    I am moeslem. And i love chinesse food.
    One day, i want to visite china. But, because i thought there no moeslem i chine make me think twice. And chinesee love eat pork, wich is i can not to eat.

    Saw your vodeo make me put china again to my list.

  4. I wonder if Trevor knows the current exchange rate between RMB and CAD dollars, he’s been doing all these conversions wrong for his videos. 1 CAD = 5.29 RMB as of now.

  5. Trevor, Ting, thats a great video. So fun to watch! Amazing story from today, thank you for taking more time to explain how the meal comes together. Hue food tradition looks gorgeous… Nice one, and WHAT an awesome experience!! Really nice work there. Take care, all the best!

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