Lion vs. Croc | Animal Face-Off

Lion vs. Croc | Animal Face-Off
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More than 500 pounds of brawn and bad attitude, the
lion was born to hunt and fight. An ambush predator with a fierce bite, the Nile
crocodile is 18 feet long and 2,500 pounds of muscle and menace. Combatants
face-off at the watering hole.


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  1. Somehow I don't get this , Lions are mammals and mammals have a larger brain , particularly the Cranium and mammals brain tires less easily than a say a reptilians brain which is the crocodile , crocodiles brain is no bigger than an apple where's Lions brains are significantly larger than crocodilians , so what I am saying is it could have gone the either way , the outcome of the fight

  2. Machilli, a female tiger. Which are smaller than lionesses. Was able to defeat a 14 foot mugger crocodile with ease. I don't believe that a male lion can't pierce the hide of a nile crocodile.

  3. I would root for 82 lenox resident over anybody. I don't care about genetic similarity. All I care about is how a persons treats me. I thanked the guy on all the generous tips he gave me.

  4. Who makes all these false Reptilian videos?. I wonder who Katy Perry would root for the lion or crocodile. I am a lion and your going to hear me roar. Not all reptiles have slit pupils. There are pictures of her online with slit pupils.

  5. Alright, let's get realistic here.
    On land, a lion will most likely win.
    In water, a crocodile will definitely win.
    I say definitely because Crocodile's are made to hunt in water, they are perfect at it. There is literally no way a lion can kill a crocodile in water.
    I say most likely to the lion since there are cases where crocodiles will luckily bite the lion on land and crush its neck. However, these two animals rarely fight. They both know their abilities.

  6. Dat is the most stupid video i have ever seen. I live in South africa and I have seen lions killing crocodiles more often. Not even one day have I ever heard a crocodile killing a grown lion except the cubs. Lions are vicious animals and can swim well too.

  7. Crocodiles have been on earth for over 250 milion years and it has the strongest jaws today and also is the strongest predator and you are expecting it to lose to a cat? Lions/Tiger/Jaguars are overrated af

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