Coyote cub singing – BBC wildlife

Coyote cub singing - BBC wildlife
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Cute baby cotote cubs singing. The natural way a coyote looks after its young may give some clue as to the huge success of the species survival.

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  1. Coyotes are wonderful, beautiful animals.. It's too bad the coyote is so demonized and misunderstood and constantly mass slaughtered everyday. Coyotes eat baby lambs… SO WHAT?! It's called nature! Hyenas eat their prey alive, yet I absolutely love hyenas for their beauty and intelligence. Killing Coyote does a lot of damage to the natural balance, and that is why coyotes are so "overpopulated" in some areas. The coyote is a very intelligent, beautiful and amazing animal, but instead of giving Coyote the respect and love he deserves, we demonize him, call him a "pest" and we slaughter him for no proper reason. We need to educate ourselves about Coyotes, and give the Coyotes respect and love they deserve!
    Humans hate what they don't understand!

  2. I can't stand (adult) coyotes, but I will give a pass to 'babies' . As much as I hate 'yotes, I have to admit… the cubs/pups are utterly adorable, much like domestic puppies in the way they play with their siblings. I have no qualms about gunning down a full-grown 'yote but I would never harm a baby… in fact, I'd probably go out of my way to help one if I found it injured (and if I could do so safely) and get it to a wildlife rehab place. But if it recovers, and if it is released into the wild… all bets are off. No love here for the song dog!

  3. ar bless they got tune ov there howls but not as loud yet i dunno y sum ppl hate em so much i no yeh they cum in 2 d town n attack ppl n animals but if they stop construction in there demain mybe it mite settle down cuz ppl exspanding housing estates in to d contreyside these animals aint got nowere 2 go if u get wot i mean

  4. @jamesinont So sorry that Coyotes(along with just about any unsocialized animal out there) don't have human morals or the cognitive ability of people! True, thanks to the hypothalamus, animals do have rudimentary emotions, but that doesn't mean that they can grasp the concept of guilt. The coyotes are only trying to survive, not be politically correct with their methods of dining.
    Why would a human child, a small and helpless prey animal, be any different? We humans are an easy meal.

  5. Those things are pretty cute-it's too bad that alot of people hunt coyotes, so these pups will probably end up being shot when they grow up….

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