5 puppies sleeping 2 – 11 hours w/ natural sound and music – Cute puppies sleeping

5 puppies sleeping 2 - 11 hours w/ natural sound and music - Cute puppies sleeping
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Download MP3: https://gum.co/relaxation_vol1
Natural sound and video with soft music of 5 little puppies I found in my yard.
First reported super max cuteness: 00:31:35 (thanks Willow)
Hear puppies yawn and bark in their sleep. Audio will contain chickens, fireworks and the distant sounds from army artillery practice! Recorded in the hill tribe village of Naamhoo in northern Thailand.

Puppies and mamma dog are now newfound family members and are all doing very well.

5 puppies sleeping 2 – 11 hours w/ natural sound and music – Cute puppies sleeping

Download MP3: https://gum.co/relaxation_vol1
Volume 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUuFGyqn7-4
Volume 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebhoaxFyDuM
Music from Jamendo.com by:
00:00:00 – 2:02:20 Frozen Silence
02:02:20 – 03:17:17 Project Divinity
03:17:17 – 04:00:00 Zero Project
04:00:00- 05:05:00 Adragante
05:05:00 – till end – reprise

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Rainforest sonido, sonidos de la naturaleza, el sonido de lluvia

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الصوت الغابات المطيرة، أصوات الطبيعة، والصوت المطر
الأصوات الاسترخاء، وأصوات الطبيعة، والاسترخاء، والهدوء، مهدئا. أصوات هادئة لاليوغا، والتأمل، والريكي، والتدليك، والقراءة، والنوم، والنوم، واليوغا، والإجهاد، والتأمل، والاسترخاء والموسيقى، وتخفيف التوتر، شياتسو، واليوغا nidra، وكيفية التعامل مع الإجهاد، براناياما، الذهن

Regenwoud geluid, natuurgeluiden, regen geluid
Ontspanning geluiden, natuurgeluiden, ontspan, rust, rustgevend. Kalme geluiden voor yoga, meditatie, reiki, massage, lezen, slapen, slapen, yoga, stress, meditatie, ontspannende muziek, stress, shiatsu, yoga Nidra, hoe om te gaan met stress, pranayama, mindfulness
Son Rainforest, sons de la nature, le bruit de la pluie
Sons de relaxation, des sons de la nature, détente, calme, apaisante. Sons calmes pour le yoga, la méditation, reiki, massages, lecture, sommeil, stress, yoga, méditation, musique relaxante, le soulagement du stress, shiatsu, yoga nidra, comment faire face au stress, pranayama, mindfulnes
Entspannung Klänge, Naturgeräusche, entspannen, beruhigen, beruhigend. Calm Sounds für Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Massage, Lesen, Schlafen, schlafen, Yoga, Stress, Meditation, entspannende Musik, Stressabbau, Shiatsu, Yoga Nidra, wie man mit Stress,

pine lesyen seta chichi, itzcuintli enda lha-cha-eh kukur kau am
qan Hund animosh hunt hundr saree kuidz sag kutta gogs kacho spay sag klb dok ogday áso pies cão rawaandu wíchu spay allqu paihenga cîine chaun juk zhukel rikono (means puppy) kami siki inbwa sobaka (cobaka) maile svan cane cani cù mpaa pas wulan
imbwá cani balla pes jukel pes ey pos, psyk mpsha ntsa perro dagu
ur anjing mbwa inja hund Hund áso uri aon kao and kaẃ ar sag nay kochi et Kukka asu kalbiThai = ёáò, mah, soonahk khyi kyetl ku kuli ntsa köpek it yt okeraman tz’i’ puny klb sobaka, pes kutta it mmbwa chó amp dog maliki ci mantoa hatch, xaj inja yt kelef or hunt chuu’u aja peḱ mane qimugta men bicu hansi inja


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  1. todays 100 percent thunderstorm… i wanna listen to this and sleep all day. Im gonna just put it on loop and watch the puppies. I feel sleepy already. 🙂

  2. So cute what type of dog is it my dog does not sleep that much she be wondering the house in the middle of the night having midnight snacks she sleeps In the day and is lazy but not fat she is normal she is a small type of dog she is a golden retriever mixed with a puddle dog which is a golden doodle

  3. It's just past midnight where I'm watching this right now. I have two poems to analyze for my class tomorrow. I'm trying to relax and ended up crying instead.due to my exhaustion. This made my chest physically hurt but I couldn't be happier

  4. First time with 7 puppy'sss (little jack russel) + mother and father…. With this music they stopped crying when I don't was at home or when I go to sleep. Thanks !!

  5. wow i was impresed my puppy was trying to eat my food i put this on and he layed down and feel asleep and we are talking puppy that does not go to sleep to any music. thanks

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