Atheists and Christians Debate Truth And Belief

Atheists and Christians Debate Truth And Belief
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  1. Everybody is allowed to believe in whatever they want and however its goes over the line when religious people step in and say to the Atheists your going to hell for not believing in god ok there are some christians that believe in just God and No Hell and/or No Satan and Everybody goes to Heaven those Christians I Respect and the one that Believe in Hell There's Nothing to respect except for there allowed to believe that ways….
    The old Man is extremely frustrating and using his beliefs to manipulate the atheists this is what I don't respect about god-believing christians and/or religious people mostly….
    Sometimes Debating Christians does no good and when Christians do harm by using there religion to do harm when they thing its good to tell people about there god and threaten them with hell for not agreeing with them, Just walk away and let it be because there have to change themselves to be better people….
    P.S. I Believe that people can learn from one another without hating one another etc I Don't Believe in Hell and/or a God etc. until I See Evidence for a God to exist otherwise its just a claim etc….

  2. "Believing or not believing" is not a matter of which is better like PC vs Mac or Apple vs Android… It's a matter of living for eternity or burning for eternity. So it makes sense for the old guy, or any true Christian for that matter, to be passionate about what the bible teaches.

  3. I think there is misunderstanding with the definitions. Not everybody that believes in God is a Christian (that's called a Theist). A person who doesn't believe in God is an Atheist, while a person who doesn't not know what to believe in is an Agnostic.

  4. There’s this Christian kid in my school and you can’t say anything against the Bible or “god” he’ll yell at you. He also got super offended when his friend told him they were bi he said he got uncomfortable around her and disgusted by her, he also yelled at her about it in our school hallway. In the Bible it said a man and a boy would that mean no pedophiles instead of gay. And lgbtq+ communities.

  5. 1. Anything from the Bible is facts, yes some things use metaphors but it's facts
    2. If you were really a Christian you would've stated some things from the Bible with most of the questions that were answered
    3. If someone claims they are a "Christian" but tells you that you're going to hell then they aren't a Christian because that is judging someone.
    4. Telling someone that they are doing wrong isn't judging them… however telling someone that Father In Heaven won't forgive them or condemning someone to hell that is judging someone
    5. If you read the Bible then you would know that

  6. “Who am I to judge if someone’s life is valuable” as if self worth and being valued is a bad thing? The woman in the green is so pessimistic. To genuinely feel ur life has no value bc you are simply born is sad and miserable. And in order to create value you have to contribute? It’s exactly what she said and she got offended when the man pointed it out. A homeless man or a family has no value according to Nancy bc they don’t contribute anything.

  7. I mean the old guy was really annoying… but he’s not wrong on the atheist part, if you look up the definition of atheism is literally not believing in anything that involves supernatural power or things like that

  8. Jesus said to preach with CALMNESS AND RESPECT AND NOT FORCE ANYONE. Having the will to preach to all is good, but never should you be like that elderly man. Even jesus was calm and never forced his ideas to others:)

  9. I had a bible teacher talk to us about divorce. he would always say that divorce was bad if it’s just because you were fighting or got tired of each other. but he would ALWAYS make sure we knew that if your married partner ever laid a finger on you to hurt you or abused you, to run out of that relationship and divorce them. no second chances, just leave.

  10. By the woman in the green shirt’s definition of value of a life, then a baby’s life is not valuable?

    And at what point have enough “good” actions been done that the life has value? Two years old? Ten?

    Or is it a certain number of good actions? 10? 100?

    This system makes absolutely no sense from any approach. Children are the most pure of all of us, and her definition seems to conclude that only adults seem to have value.

  11. God gives us free will. As a human, I believe you DO know from right and wrong. You choose to do good or evil. It should be recognized killing another is wrong. Otherwise, I believe you have a screw loose!

  12. He's an author of a few books that give the facts on the whole earth from the perspective of all the historical sciences.
    Apparently this guy knows better than all the scientists that spend their lives on the details of each individual subject.
    The arrogance of that guy is outstanding.

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