Disaster Movie

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DISASTER MOVIE follows the comic misadventures of three buxom non-brainiacs during one fateful night as they try to make they way to safety while every known natural disaster and catastrophic event hits the city. This twisted send-up from the filmmaking team behind Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans pulverizes everyone’s favorite disaster flicks, pop culture icons and public figures with raunchy and outrageous humor.


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  1. So they start off with an American Gladiators joke. Yeah, that's not out of date. Then that Amy Winehouse aged well after her critical acclaim and subsequent tragic death. No wonder it's free on Youtube. I mean, I'm still going to watch it.

  2. the best part was the end song and the credit sequence outtakes. although the girl playing the princess was pretty good and had her moments. otherwise, if this is what passes as American comedy movies; no thanks.

  3. Well, that's an hour and a half I will never get back. This isn't even uncut as the thumbnail said. (the unrated script only being in the closed captions).

  4. Deep sigh stupidest shit I've ever seen. The only way you could laugh watching this is if you're in a coma, brain dead, overdosed on pot or you're just plain fucking stupid. Gone!

  5. Abysmal Film. Disgusting And offensive jokes, Unlikable and Terrible Characters, Horrible costumes and/or Puppets of the parody Characters, Stupid and Random ideas, Bad usage of the parody characters, Blatant And Annoying Product Placement And pop culture references, Awful Acting and Bad Ending.

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