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  1. If he's still there, he's lived there for 16 years now. At least he has a nice speaking voice and had good English. NICE TO HEAR FOR A CHANGE.

  2. It's small. Maximum a couple of meters but I'm sure the news want you to believe its a cartoonish sized wave that casts a shadow over the city..

  3. Most of these tsunami waves are too close together to have any specific power,they may reach over the barriers but not enough to have any affect,it was the 3 waves that were 10 meters or 30 feet that had the major impact,they would have after subsidence of the coast have over whelmed any sea barriers.

  4. For a news anchor asking how many times he live there is pathetic you dumb b** pay the f*** attention that's why news is always s*** idiots

  5. This happened the day after my birthday. I turned 3. (I don’t live there, but I love japan and have loved it for many, many years. I can’t believe this happened.

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