Why You're STILL Wrong About Near | Death Note

Why You're STILL Wrong About Near | Death Note
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The widely acclaimed anime series, Death Note, strikes a chord with fans for it’s intellectual writing. With characters like the genius high school student Light, and the world’s greatest detective L, it’s no surprise. But many fans view the latter end of Death Note to be inferior to the rest of the series. Death Note fans point to the character Near, a resident of Wammys House and successor to L(alongside his fellow Wammys House resident, Mello), as the main culprit behind the loss of quality. Despite this, Near(also known as Nate River) is one of the most intelligent and important characters in Death Note.

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  1. Great video, I completely agree. Death Note ending was perfect to me. Post-L death note has so many things to say. It’s thematically rich and packed with great messages and meaningful ideas about tribalism and more. I Recommend Aleczandxr’s video on this topic if you are one the “omg death note should have ended on 25 omg omg”. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LgFz-xqt2fM

  2. This has nothing to do with my actual concerns about how Near's character was handled, or pretty much the majority of complaints against him. This video would be better titled something like "After L arch wasn't cause of anime or fan pressure."
    Or something much more eloquent… I just don't know what that arch is called in the manga cause I bailed after volume one, but I've seen the anime and consider S2 to be very weak in comparison to S1.

  3. To be fair it is only a fallacious appeal to the authority when people say "because the mangaka did not want it it's bad" which was not what Digi was doing in this case, since he merely tried to explain why the manga is worse, after the other PCP members had already acceped the decpine in quality as a premise. Digi's interpretation is valid, but by no means definitve, with the strongest argument against it being the dates of anime and manga, but talks of a anime adaption could have happened earlier or the anime adaption could have merely been a stand-in for a other reason which may have forced them to prolong it. Both Near and Mello Not being foreshadowed and the content of Bakuman are, due to the strong parallels, valid evidence for Death Note getting made unnecessarily longer, it would just be wrong to call it sufficient evidence to make definitive statements.

  4. Up until 6:19 I was gonna comment that loosely trying to prove Digi wrong using the same logic was equally as pointless as his statement. Everything you say after that I agree with completely.

    Great video, had me in the first half not gonna lie.

  5. Near is the smartest character in death Note. Here’s why:

    Near’s intelligence stat is 10. L and Light’s both are 9. (13th book)

    There is a difference between being the most intelligent person and the best detective. Near and Mello are two of L’s halves, expect better versions. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to surpass L when put together.

    The argument I receive the most for this fact is that Near says that alone, he is inferior to L. Well, yes, he is. But intelligence is not all it takes to be L.

    Get this: Near is the most intelligent character in Death Note. It’s canon. That interview when the creator said that L was the smartest character? That was clearly a joke. He laughed after his answer and his reasoning was, “the plot demands it”. But Near alone is inferior to L, because he’s only the intelligent side. He needs Mello, the emotional, acting side, to be able to surpass L

  6. Please slow down a bit.. I honestly couldn’t keep up with u that I was forced to slow the playback speed to 0.75,
    I love ur opinions and videos so much btw ❤️

  7. This video was just a naruto filler click bait have the video was about L before death. ? im like what do anyone in a different anime and personality would be like near or better. Near was just using all 3 minds and clues to find the true kira. Nothing more nothing less

  8. hey there – just a suggestion from a fan
    i think you could slow down the speed of your speech, it would both make it easier to comprehend your reasoning while also extending the length of your video (and resulting watchtime)
    to me at least you spoke too fast

  9. Digibro talks out his ass most of the time. Been following him since 2012, so I'm pretty used to him half-assing his research (When he bothers to do any) then convincing himself he's right. He's good for bringing up interesting ideas, but everything he says must be taken with a truckload of salt.

    BTW, Near is fantastic. Mello's good too, but underused.

  10. someone else on youtube made a good analysis video of near and mello, arguing that they were not meant to be true 'human' characters- their purpose is to reveal the inherent flaws of Light and L, and perhaps humanity as a whole. L had many opportunities to best Light but was constantly held back by his own ego, similarly Light also self-sabotaged his own plans from inherent needs to be recognized as the 'winner' in his little games. Near had no ego. Had no self-serving enjoyment. Didn't care about prolonging the game like L, or provoking his foes like Light. He was perfectly aligned to his deductive goals, but apathetic. The human condition needs willpower/motivation to move forward, which is what Mello did for Near. Near and Mello together represent a fully actualized human, which is to say there is no such thing as a fully actualized human (Mello dies!). And this circles back to the whole point- Humans are flawed, and that's what infuriates Light and his god complex at the very end. Near admits he wasn't as good as L, wasn't as experienced, wasn't as driven to succeed. But he was enough to beat Light, because Light is just another psychotic killer. Near didn't even recognize Light as a rival, but recognized the true threat being the death note itself. Light was nothing special, and was easily fooled. Just another flawed human.

  11. As much as I dislike Near, it is important to acknowledge that he does have an important role in the end of Death Note. Light's system would have eventually led to a really deadly rebellion or a big power vacuum.

  12. I love Near, he's my favourite character, his whole point is intelligence and he doesn't show any emotions, I don't care what everyone is saying, Near ftw

  13. I hate near, the character is not that interesting, the show doesnt show any of how he solved the clues or anything at all to be honest, the only thing you see is him playing with his toys.
    Not to mention his motives.
    he doesnt care if what kira does is right, the only thing he cares about is winning.
    Seriously even mello is more interesting
    (Anime Near xd)

  14. Dude slow the fuck down when you are talking. I understood you but it was distracting when you read like you are trying to see how fast you can go.

    Also gtfo with this clickbaity ass title.

  15. I really liked this video, but could you narrate a little slower? I had a hard time paying 100% attention. Not trying to attack you or anything, just wanted to provide constructive criticism.

  16. Always found Reversi felt more analogous to bakuman itself. Since at that point it was near the end of bakuman and had just reached a natural end point with Miho and Mashiro getting married. And they could have found a way to extend bakuman with some weird marriage drama or something but they found a perfect end point for the story.

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