Aftermath of deadly dam collapse in Brazil

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At least 58 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds remain missing after Friday’s dam collapse and mudslide in Minas Gerais state. The search was paused because of concerns that another dam operated by the same firm, Vale, was also at risk of rupturing, and authorities began evacuating several neighbourhoods in the city of Brumadinho
Fresh alert over Brazil dam collapse as relatives’ anguish intensifies


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  2. I live here in Brazil and this collapse is the result is 16 years of Corruption of the Regular Workers Party by former President Lula, arrested for corruption and Dilma Rousseff, former president of the impeachment party for the same reasons. In the tragedy of 2015, Dilma Rousseff signed a decree taking blame from the businessmen of the company Vale and considering a natural disaster, which is a lie.

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